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AI vs the Law

AI vs the Law

We hope your week has been better than the poor AI, who found out its picture is not human-looking enough to be copyrighted. In other news, we take a look at:

🛠️ new features on Twitch and YouTube for streamers and their audiences

🎬 a few exciting gaming and movie crossovers

😎 Intel’s bold moves in the chip manufacturing world


Let’s talk

Stephen Thaler/Creativity Machine
Stephen Thaler/Creativity Machine

The Artificial Intelligence revolution is present in almost every aspect of life. From analytics to entertainment (like gaming), AI is creeping into segments previously reserved for humans, even as ‘spiritual’ as art.

The recent boom of AI-generated appliances to paint pictures, write music or write poems led to an interesting patenting case, which had its finale last week. The inventor of an AI program called the Creativity Machine, Stephen Thaler, tried to copyright a picture created by his program. “A Recent Entrance to Paradise” is a picture made almost entirely by Creativity Machine’s algorithm without humans’ help. However, the United States Copyright Office decided that the intellectual property of a machine cannot be protected by law as “human authorship” is a prerequisite to copyright protection.

The proliferation of AI also brings almost cyberpunk-ish questions about the proper regulations of using an AI. Europen Commission and the UK government are in the middle of deciding the future of AI appliances, debating over the use of technologies such as facial recognition and proper classification of artificial intelligence based on the possible threat to the human race (!).

The closer we get to the actualisation of metaverse promise, the more nagging these questions become. There is little doubt that AI will play a key role in creating, maintaining, and everyday interactions with the metaverse space. Artificial Intelligence will be the beating heart of the future of social interactions, from advertising to gaming and customer care. So we better figure out how we should be handling it before it happens.


Week review


YouTube adds TikTok-style live rings to show when a channel is streaming

A small quality-of-life improvement will make searching for live channels much easier.

Amazon Adds ‘Play on Luna’ Button to Twitch Streams

With this feature, Twitch viewers will be able to play the game they watch on Amazon’s cloud gaming service.


Gaming and Movies

Amazon signs a first-look deal with the company planning Disco Elysium and Life Is Strange shows

This does not mean that the games will be adapted, but the initial deal is a promising sign.

‘BioShock’ movie in the works at Netflix

Will the streaming platform finally be the one to deliver a good video game movie?

Avatar: The Last Airbender Console RPG and MMORPG Reportedly in Development

An official console RPG and MMORPG based on the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender are reportedly in development.



NFT Investors Lose $1.7M in OpenSea Phishing Attack

Attackers took advantage of a smart-contract migration to swindle 17 users.

Nintendo doesn’t want to get into the metaverse right now

“We might consider something if we can find a way to convey a ‘Nintendo approach’ to the metaverse.”



Intel poaches AMD’s Lead Radeon Discrete GPU architect

A significant move from Intel as Rohit Verma was also a Senior Fellow at AMD.

Intel works with MIT to design impressive high-resolution image scaling chips

Intel has worked with researchers to create a radar device far more capable than other systems but with the ability to fit in the palm of your hand.


inStreamly and indaStars by indaHash Team Up to Educate Streamers on NFT

Without a doubt, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are one of the hottest topics this year within the gaming and creator economy. However, the jury is still out – are they a revolution in digital goods ownership, or is their potential an overblown fad? 

At inStreamly, we support and educate creators on topics of interest, which is why we are excited to partner with indaStars by indaHash!

indaStars by indaHash is one of the top platforms to create and mint digitally verified NFT signatures.

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