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Behind the scenes - meet inSTREAMLY pets!

Behind the scenes - meet inSTREAMLY pets!

If you are following our ‘Meet the team posts’ cycle on the inSTREAMLY LinkedIn profile you might have noticed we really love animals. Our pets are our companions, friends and (since we work 100% remotely) sometimes turn into co-workers that we get inspiration from or you know… pet-me-while-I-lay-on-your-knees type of work colleague. Today we are presenting you our inSTREAMLY animals. Sometimes small, sometimes quite big, but always full of love!


Magdalena Denik

This is Gaia. She is a completely legal immigrant from Cyprus that just had her first birthday. When she was six weeks old, she lost her mother and jumped under the hood of a car. Saved from the extreme heat she ended up with me. On the way, she visited Athens and Berlin. Because of the COVID lockdowns, there was no other way to Poland! She is always full of energy. Loves to hunt flies and watch flying birds from the balcony. She tries to prove at every step that she is the most important in the house.

Gaia image
Quiz image


Wiktoria Wójcik

This is Quiz, but I called him White, because our other cat was Black. He was very fat and slept with me as my little spoon. He was like this chubby kid at your school that was mean to other kids (in this case the other cat) and slapped him at every occasion, but when mum came he was the sweetest, most loving boi! He died too young. I still have this picture on my wallpaper when somebody tries to unlock my phone.


Hubert Sosik

His name is Nasau but we just call him ‘the cat' (kot in Polish), cause he doesn’t react to it anyway. He’s two years old. What is he like? Imagine coming back home and your pet is always waiting for you in the doorway, or having a warm, furry pillow while going to sleep, or a pet always wanting to be petted. You've imagined a dog, right? Nah, it's my cat! And he's fluffy to an extent that you wouldn't even believe.

Nasau image


Julien Vaché

“Hear, hear I am The King: I rule over all of you! My wishes are my commands and every human bows down to my elegant natural beauty. But appearances are deceiving, I am in fact a dog inside a cat’s body: your full attention needs to be on me at all times,

Ozzy ‘THE KING’ image

I am even bigger than small dogs, I go outside on a leash, I do tricks for treats, I follow you everywhere, I can even talk a bit thru different sort of meows and…. I bite when you do not serve me!“

Bohater image


Szymon Kubiak

He is called a hero because he is afraid of everything. Of the four, he does the most purring and makes all the silly faces.

Mula image
Jagoda image


Szymon Kubiak

The wildest of cats. After 10 years she still does not allow anyone to pet her!


Szymon Kubiak

The smallest of the cats. Does not know how to meow.

Kurz image


Szymon Kubiak

First-born cat. He spends whole days on the balcony - no matter if it is -21 degrees or +35 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Mateusz Woskowicz

This is Toadie. He is a little - 8 months old - crested gecko. His favourite activity is sleeping all day, and at night he loves to jump all over the terrarium and wake up his owner.

Toadie image


Felix Pettersson

Lucy is an 11 year old lady who mostly enjoys chilling out on the couch or rolling around in the sun. However as she is getting a little older, she sometimes has to wear the cone of shame and then she believes she can’t move, proving to us that she still knows the puppy-eyes stare. Oh, her other favourite pastime is eating, preferably the very same thing her humans are eating!

Lucy image

Her Lengthy, Mucha & Furia

Antonina Marć

The old girl from the first photo is Her Lengthy (you know, like Majesty but longer) Omega, and yes, this is not a joke, it is her full name in her documents. She is already gone but she was my best friend my whole life. We took her as a puppy when I was 9 years old. She was always following me, sleeping with me and protecting me. If she didn't know someone she wouldn't let them go anywhere near me. With her, in the photo you can see Mucha. I adopted her 4 years ago. She is very energetic and loves everyone. She feels the best at parties where she can jump from one person to another. Every day she wakes me up by biting my ear.

Mucha & Furia image


Maciej Sawicki

The whippet in the photo is called Whippet (yes, seriously that’s his name). He is a super active dog who loves to run, kayak and do anything that involves movement. Despite his looks, he's not afraid of anything, least of all adventure! Whippet loves traveling, long hours in the car and all people.

Whippet image Whippet image

Horacy and Muta

Bartłomiej Matuszowicz

Both are friends for many years now. Polish pointer and ragdoll. Very spry, full of love and always hungry. They always go through life together, not fighting like cats and dogs.

Horacy and Muta image


Greg Lagowski

When asked about her, Greg simply said: “She is the sweetest friend I have ever had :)” This paints the whole picture now, doesn’t it?

Brenda image


Ondrej Silhavy

This is Otylie, our English bulldog lady. People either adore her, or call her ugly, nothing in between. She is an absolute sweetheart, loves kids and basically anyone who gives her a pat. She doesn't have many hobbies. Only one - sleeping. And boy is she good at that. She can sleep under the table, on the couch, on the balcony, on your legs, anywhere. She is snoring really loudly, but we couldn't imagine our household without that sound anymore. I guess that's love.

Otylie image
Leo, Darcy and Dzeki image

Leo, Darcy and Dzeki

Lena Bardach

Leo, Darcy and Dzeki are members of the same family. You can probably see it from their appearance. With such a great squad every walk is an adventure and the safest experience at the same time.


Iga Łukawska

Fux is the king of the house that needs help with everything and still thinks that he is the alpha male here. He is the embodiment of an evil ball of fluff that will want hugs and kisses and yet will still bite you if you try rubbing his soft belly (it’s irresistible, believe me). He knows his worth and always takes advantage of it, especially when he wants cuddles in the most inappropriate moments of the day, like when his mummy is working to revolutionise the live streaming scene.
Things he likes? Sitting on his mother’s chest.
Things he hates? Belly rubs, duh.
Biggest dream? World domination.

Fux image
Pączuś image


Marta Bilewicz

Pączuś is a 16-year-old Siberian Husky who has spent his whole life with me. He is also my first dog. I have never met such a brave and determined dog, he is unique although old age is showing more and more signs in his life.


Marta Bilewicz

A 6 year old cat named Morti, although I call her Kitty. She's at home more often in winter time and now spends most of the time outside hunting for mice.

Morti image

Chilla GG

Marta Bilewicz

Horses are a huge part of my life and at the moment I look after a fantastic herd of horses (owners are my best friends). Chilla GG is a 9 years old mare and she's my beloved grey soul. She has a top jumping horse pedigree.

Chilla GG image


Marta Bilewicz

Jupiter is a 16 year old gelding. Such horses in the equestrian area are called "professors". Jupiter despite being the biggest in the herd is also the calmest. He loves to focus human attention on himself.

Jupiter image
Chantenill WH image

Chantenill WH

Marta Bilewicz

Chilli's daughter, the wonderful Chantenill WH (almost 4 months old). Since the moment she was born I have devoted an enormous amount of time and love to her. The result is a beautiful relationship where the little one comes and follows me like a dog :) Chanti has a top quality pedigree. She's an amazing foal.


Damian Konopka

This is Fiodor. Almost 6 years old, a small german spitz from some village at the east of Poland - he had very poor living conditions there with a lot of different dogs, fortunately he is happy with us now ;-) He loves his birthdays, especially the special cake we make for him every year (well... by ‘we’ I mean my wife) for him, inviting friends and family and literally throwing a party :D

He is not a typical dog, he is not running after a stick, not fetching anything, not playing with any toy, not a big fan of petting, just loving to chill and sleep. Interestingly, he is also scared about everything - even when a napkin falls from the table! XD

Fiodor image

As you can see animals are always around us giving laughter, company, support and unconditional love. So when we had the opportunity to run a charity campaign together with streamers for less fortunate animals, we had to participate!

You can read all about this campaign in the article below

Donate to animals living in shelters - a campaign supporting dogs and cats during winter

Donate to animals living in shelters - a campaign supporting dogs and cats during winter

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