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Devil Wears Gaming! Fashion and Gaming Collide

Devil Wears Gaming! Fashion and Gaming Collide

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This week we dive into the cultural crossroads between fashion and gaming. What is the future of these two most trendsetting businesses? What can we expect in the upcoming year for this powerhouse? Read on and find out!

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Fashion has always been one of the most trendsetting fields of culture. Naturally, luxurious fashion brands look to the gaming world with anticipation and excitement. Gaming is setting the trends for youth culture all over the globe, after all. So what does the future hold for both fashion and gaming?

The relationship between the esports teams and renowned fashion brands is nothing new. New collaborations can be noticed even by someone barely following the professional gaming scene. Nike, adidas, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and many other brands are seeing the impact of gaming culture by working with esports teams. Team merchandising and dedicated collections are not the only possibilities.

For some time, fashion brands have also been flirting with virtual goods. A recent example of this may be Jordan’s sneakers and hoodies making their way to a popular battle-royale game Fortnite. While virtual cosmetic items are appealing, the true revolution is just around the corner. The actual game-changers are NFT technology and the metaverse.

‘The State of Fashion 2022’ report published by McKinsey and Business of Fashion clarifies it. Fashion businesses should pay extra attention to virtual fashion, gaming and NFTs. Metaverse becomes an essential way for brands to tap into the culture of Generation Z.

The virtual world, even more than the real one, is a place where everyone wants to express themselves freely. And what better way to do that than wearing a unique and outstanding outfit? The fashion world stepping into a future in gaming is a natural next step.


Week review

Fashion and gaming

How digital assets are changing the business of fashion

The annual edition of ‘The State of Fashion 2022’ report points to metaverse assets as an important trend for fashion brands to explore.

Luxury brands are already making millions in the Metaverse

Top fashion brands already connect Gen Z by selling virtual branded goods.

VIDEO: Is fashion the future of esports partnerships?

In this Day 1 panel from ESI London, Charles Hambro, GEEIQ Co-Founder & CEO, is joined by experts Alex Romer, CEO of We Are Nations; Edward Gregory, Senior Partnerships Manager at Fnatic; and John Mooney, Global Brand Creative Director at ASOS to weigh in on all things esports fashion.

The Air Jordan shoe craze is coming to Fortnite

Epic Games confirms Jordan branded cosmetic items coming to Fortnite.

Ralph Lauren dropped a digital winter-themed collection exclusively on Roblox

The legendary brand takes its first step into the metaverse by launching a winter collection of items on a top-rated gaming platform.



Twitch will use machine learning to detect people evading bans

The biggest streaming platform will use machine learning to identify accounts used for harassment and trolling. This new tool is another step to address the ‘hate raid’ problem raised by users.

Twitch star Gaules launches podcast with Brazilian legend Ronaldo

Brasil is one of the most robust regions for streaming potential rapidly reaching new audiences. The growth may be soon boosted once one of the highest-ranking streamers starts his new podcast with a World-class football legend.



Meta releases social VR space Horizon Worlds

The release of social virtual reality space after a year in closed, private testing is the first significant launch for Meta after rebranding.

Peter Molyneux is creating a blockchain business sim

Legendary game creator’s next project will be “an innovative new game that pushes the boundaries of blockchain gaming.”



The Game Awards 2021 Winners: The Full List

One of the most prestigious and popular gaming industry awards has been handed out. Take a look at the summary of the results.

Every big announcement from The Game Awards 2021

TGA 2021 was also a space to announce titles upcoming in 2022, with Star Wars Eclipse, Homeworld 3 and Alan Wake II, among the others.


Streamcoi x MadLions

How MAD Lions manage their pro player and influencer streams

MAD Lions is one of the top esports organisations in Europe, with professional teams in League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Although their main focus is competitive gaming, many MAD Lions players also stream live on Twitch between official games.

For the players and influencers, streaming provides an opportunity to build their image and connect directly with fans. For MAD Lions, it’s an avenue for sponsorship benefits and merchandise sales. Last week MAD Lions and Streamcoi announced their official partnership. Take a look at how MAD Lions can effectively manage and monetise their streams.



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