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Electronics campaigns made with inStreamly. 9 successful activations

Electronics campaigns made with inStreamly. 9 successful activations

Video game streamers are a perfect fit for electronics brands looking for ambassadors. Many of them are up-to-date with the latest technology trends and products. They also introduce their viewers to that world.

Brands from the electronics sector have already begun collaborating with gaming streamers! Companies such as Samsung, ASUS, Sony, and Philips have entered the streaming world by running sponsorship campaigns with inStreamly. Let’s take a closer look at their approach to activations!

Anonymized average results of Electronics campaigns on inStreamly:

  • 375.000+ views on average
  • 10.000 clicks on average
  • Over 3.8% CTR on average
  • Over 1.200 streamers on average

Huawei’s creative approach

In a world where gamers demand unique gear tailored to their needs, Huawei took a creative approach by showcasing their brand-new monitors within the gaming ecosystem. Leveraging the shared interest of both streamers and their dedicated viewers.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1899

Philips uncovers mystery

Philips OneBlade created interactive stream content that guided viewers through caves to uncover mystery. Thanks to inStreamly mechanism viewers could influence the artwork by entering answers in the stream chat, their responses in the chat determined the next content displayed on the screen.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 2576

JBL Quantum boosts audio experience

The JBL Quantum campaign made a significant impact by going live across numerous gaming streams, captivating the gaming community with its immersive sound technology. Through dynamic content on these streams, they highlighted the precision and depth of the JBL Quantum range, engaging gamers and enhancing their gaming sessions with unparalleled audio experiences.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1579

Samsung’s unique messages

In today’s world, everyone uses chat and messaging apps. Samsung created a campaign that displayed unique messages on artwork by automatically fetching text from an external database.

Artwork simulated a chat conversation, featuring a Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone with an open chat window at the beginning, followed by funny messages related to gaming. Each time the artwork appeared, a new message in the chat window kept viewers engaged.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 147

Samsung promote its gadgets

Samsung Why Galaxy campaign aimed to generate interest in the brand’s gadgets among the audience. Three key artworks focusing on different Samsung Galaxy products – smartphone, headphones, and smartwatch – were the primary drivers of clicks. A carefully selected group of streamers effectively reached the target audience, resulting in engaged reactions to the artworks.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 1014

SteelSeries showcases latest products

The SteelSeries PRIME campaign aimed to reach gaming enthusiasts and showcase the latest products. Using a diverse group of streamers, they engaged an enthusiastic audience with three unique creatives per market, each highlighting a different gaming product. The artworks featured SteelSeries promotional videos with vibrant visuals and special effects.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 798

SteelSeries highlights AEROX features

In this campaign, SteelSeries tackled the challenge of reaching diverse gaming audiences across six markets. By strategically incorporating SteelSeries video content into hundreds of gaming streams, they highlighted the unique features and tournament-level quality of two SteelSeries AEROX products.
By this approach they effectively engaged viewers and conveyed essential product information through distinct artworks, catering to the varied preferences of gamers from different backgrounds and regions.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 556

ASUS understands gamers

ASUS showcased crucial gaming laptop statistics for gamers. Through the use of dynamic animations, they effectively showcased the outstanding features of the ROG STRIX SCAR 18, captivating and motivating the gaming community to experience ASUS gaming equipment first-hand.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 941

HP showcases features of its gaming laptop

HP strategically introduced the gaming community to the exceptional features of the HP Omen 16 laptop through a widespread presence on hundreds of gaming streams. Leveraging dynamic animations and engaging content, they effectively showcased the laptop’s key benefits, capturing the attention and enthusiasm of gamers across various platforms.

  • 🎮 Number of streamers in the campaign: 236

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