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Gamer Parents + More. Demographics You Won’t Believe Are Into Games

Gamer Parents + More. Demographics You Won’t Believe Are Into Games

Jakub Turkowski
Jakub Turkowski

Gamer parents and old gamers in general are not an extinct species nor an endangered one. If you think about gamers, you’re probably imagining teenagers. Indeed, most of the gaming community are young people, but that does not mean older people don’t play games because the average age of gamers doesn’t exist. We have some facts that will surprise you in this matter. There are more old gamers all over the globe than you think. To be precise, we need to specify who exactly the ‘old gamers’ are. Nevertheless, it is a target group that should not be omitted in your marketing actions. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for some interesting information about old gamers.

  1. Gamer parents – old gamers are not necessarily from the old school
  2. The good old days are back for middle-aged gamers
  3. Old gamers — more numbers about old hands at gaming
  4. Girl gamers, old gamers — inStreamly reaches all type of gamers


Gamer Parents – Old Gamers Are Not Necessarily From the Old School

Old school gamers usually stick to their favourite titles. But that does not mean that old gamers and gamer parents are from the old school. They explore the gaming world and try new productions. Of course, age has an influence on skills. It is the reaction time, that’s slightly longer. 200 milliseconds in a fast-paced FPS game makes a difference. Still, old gamers can enjoy playing online and offline games, despite having crossed the peak of their best reaction time. And they do so — this target group is on the rise now.

Who exactly are old gamers? Assuming that an ‘old gamer’ is a player who is over 55, it’s a massive group. According to , 16% of all gamers in the USA are 55 years old and older. It may seem like it’s a small group. On the other hand, — there are 20% of gamers under 18 years old in the USA. It’s definitely a comparable amount. It’s valuable information for your brand — you can reach consumers who have a lot of free time and a lot of money to spend. Don’t miss the opportunity and don’t underestimate this audience.

Stats about gamer parents


The Good Old Days Are Back for Middle Aged Gamers

The pandemic forced people to stay at homes. Long hours stuck in four walls, the need to fill the time with something relaxing and pleasant. These factors helped the gaming industry. Many middle-aged people found out that video games count as ‘family time’. So this audience has experienced rapid growth. Here are the numbers, according to the report:

  • 62% of adults in the UK played some form of video game in 2020;
  • 92% of people aged 16-24 in UK also played video games in 2020;
  • 39% of adults in UK used their smartphone for playing video games in 2020;
  • A multiplayer game played on smartphones — ‘Among Us’ — was downloaded over 11,000,000 times in the UK (in the last 4 months of 2020).


Over 50% of the respondents declared that playing video games helped them to get through lockdown time. Furthermore, you cannot expect that people abandon something that they find relaxing and helpful in the hard days, even if these ‘hard days’ are over. Moreover, playing video games help old gamers improve in the field of multitasking, as well as train cognitive functions. The old players notice that, and they keep on playing more. This translates to a fact, that middle aged gamers and old gamers are a gold mine, just like the Gen Z players. All your brand has to do is to deliver to them tailor-made content. The best and fastest option is to contact us — inStreamly. We know how to conduct successful marketing campaigns for gamers of all ages.


Old Gamers — More Numbers About Old Hands at Gaming

If you’re still wondering if old gamers are the audience your brand should reach, we have some more numbers to show you:

  • According to , Global Web Index’s report points out that the 55-64 gamers group has grown by 32% since 2018;
  • The same source presents results of another interesting study (conducted by the NPD Group) — the number of mobile gamers aged over 45 has risen by 17% from 2019 to 2020;
  • 24% of parents and grandparents perceive playing games together as ‘family time’.


The numbers speak for themselves — the old gamers’ audience is constantly growing. Get ahead of the game and contact inStreamly! We can help you reach this target group with tailor-made campaigns. You can boost your ROI so don’t miss the opportunity to increase your revenue.


Girl Gamers, Old Gamers — inStreamly Reaches All Type of Gamers

There are some stereotypes of gamers, especially in the media. But the reality is often different — find more about the types of gamers in this article. inStreamly helps brands reach all audiences in the gaming world, so if you and your brand want to deliver tailor-made content for girl gamers, Gen-Z – hard-to-reach gamers, or old gamers — you’re in the right place. Contact us and our experts will help your brand level up!


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Jakub Turkowski
Jakub Turkowski

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