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gamescom monitors gaming streamers’ heart-rate to promote their event

gamescom monitors gaming streamers’ heart-rate to promote their event

What makes a gamer’s heart beat faster? Gaming events are definitely on the list! Gamescom, the world’s largest gaming event, reflected that in a recent campaign. The brand has partnered with streamers in a heart-rate monitoring campaign launched by inStreamly and Hyperate.

To promote gamescom 2023: The Heart of Gaming, event organisers partnered with over 80 gaming streamers. During the campaign, created by inStreamly, gamescom promotion visible on streams changed with the streamer’s emotions and heart-beat. 

The technology behind the gamescom campaign

To take part in the campaign, streamers had to connect their smart device with the Hyperate heart monitoring software, which then connected with inStreamly platform. With inStreamly technology, different gamescom animation was shown on each stream depending on the streamer’s current excitement, measured by heart-beat rate.

This is what the campaign looked like:

Gaming excitement on stream

Over 80 streamers participated in the campaign. During the stream, when the streamer had a low heart rate, the viewers saw an artwork with “Want more gaming emotions? Come to gamescom.” When it got higher, the message was different: “When games make your heart beat faster – gamescom is a place for you!”. 

Campaign idea, creatives, influencers, tech and on-stream implementation were provided by inStreamly. Heart rate monitoring technology was provided by Hyperate.

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