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Gaming and Streaming Trends to Watch in 2022

Gaming and Streaming Trends to Watch in 2022

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With 2021 behind us, today we explore the top trends to watch in 2022 in these booming branches of entertainment. Blockchain, cloud gaming, and esports teams are becoming much more than *just* gaming companies and the creator economy prioritising individual streamers.

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For the first newsletter in 2022, we sat down and compiled a list of top gaming and streaming trends to watch this year. Let’s see what we may expect in the nearest future!

NFT and blockchain in-game integration. NFTs have been one of the hottest topics of 202 and integration of blockchain in gaming and esports will continue in 2022. While gamers gave a cold shoulder to Ubisoft’s first in-game attempts of NFT usage, the CEO’s of top publishers still see the opportunities blockchain brings. The president of Square Enix joins the crowd of enthusiasts for NFT technology in his New Year’s letter.

Cloud gaming. We already know this sad truth – the issues with gaming hardware availability will continue through 2022. Boosted by pandemic growth of gaming audience is not diminishing though. So how will the gamers play their favourite AAA titles? Cloud gaming may just be the answer. With the proliferation of 5G technology and the booming mobile market, gamers will be more keen on streaming games from virtual machines to their less powerful devices. With the recent announcement from Samsung, it will even be possible to stream the titles from Nvidia GeForce NOW, Google’s Stadia or Utomik directly to your TV.

Esports teams transcending gaming. While sponsoring and tournament winnings still play an important role in the overall incomes, more professional esports organisations will redefine their role as competitive teams. In 2022 we will see esports teams widening focus from the professional scene to becoming community hubs for lifestyle and gaming. This will allow the teams to offer brands even wider access to the established Generation Z fanbase.

Streaming platform diversification. In our trends for the year 2021, we pointed to the shift of power in the creator’s economy and the rise of individual streamers. This trend will continue through 2022, especially after experiencing so much momentum in the platform ecosystem competition by the end of previous year. Google acquired famous Twitch streamers, TikTok made its first moves to the livestreaming scene with its own streaming software and Tencent-backed platform Trovo announced its plans of expanding its creator program. All these shake ups in the streaming ecosystem work towards focusing attention on creators and their needs. This year we expect even more streamers to diversify their streams across many platforms. Relying on a single one for discoverability and advertising revenues will be less attractive. This will make brands working with individual streamers even more essential.


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