Episode 42
Gen Z in 👉 the East and 👉 the West

Hello friend, today we will look around in time 😉


There is a lot happening in the industry recently. Certainly, the Chinese approach for managing gaming and live streaming arouses a lot of emotions and amazement. Even though it is a huge market, Beijing isn’t afraid to cross boundaries, in a way that’s incomprehensible for the West. The tech giants have to deal with the very difficult challenges that lie ahead of them.

In turn, the 5G and Cloud revolution are heating up not only processors. Industry growth forecasts are very serious. Technology companies are increasingly starting to implement solutions that will allow them to enter this market. And all this to gain the attention of Generation Z, which is native to technology and is growing in live broadcasts, both streaming and gaming. This change is very visible – time will tell how it will change in both the East and the West.



Gaming week review

The China game

🕐 China cuts children’s online gaming to one hour

Online gamers under the age of 18 will only be allowed to play for an hour on Fridays, weekends and holidays, China’s video game regulator has said.

🌊 China’s video game industry in stormy waters as the country grapples with its love-hate relationship

China’s domestic video gaming revenue in 2020 rose to 278.7 billion yuan with almost half of the country now playing video games. After an article in state media called video games ‘spiritual opium’ an investor sell-off saw nearly US$100 billion wiped off the value of gaming stocks

🤝 Tencent reboots game streaming business after blocked Huya-Douyu merger

After the Tencent-orchestrated merger of Huya and Douyu was halted by Chinese antitrust regulators in July, Tencent subsidiary Interactive Entertainment Group announced adjustments to set up an eGame Product Center. The new unit will develop the operations of eGame, an online streaming platform owned by Tencent


The clouds are coming

☝️ Cloud gaming will reach 23.7M paying users and generate $1.6B in 2021

Technological advancements encourage the adoption of cloud gaming models. As the world looks forward to the rollout of 5G technology, the truth is it will catapult further the power of cloud computing.

☁️ Cloud Computing is Making Waves in the Gaming Industry

“Just like traditional sports, esports labs and stadiums are empty,” Ray Pastore said. “But unlike traditional sports, esports can take place at your house.”

🎮 Microsoft will bring cloud gaming to Xbox consoles this holiday season

Microsoft is moving into the next phase of its plan to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to as many devices as possible, and it’s one of the most important steps yet. Starting this holiday season, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will have access to cloud gaming on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles.


Targeting Gen Z

📱 90% of Gen Z now using apps with interactive live video

Agora also found RTE technology was more important for certain categories of apps. When asked if interactive video or audio were important for their gaming apps, for example, 69% — more than two-thirds — agreed.

📺 Netflix Entering the Gaming Market Underlines the Immense Potential of the Industry

It’s not surprising to see an aggressive data-led company like Netflix look to gaming.


Gaming industry revenue and 4 other statistics brands should keep an eye on

The year 2020 has brought a sudden increase in the compound annual growth rate of the video game industry, elevating its worth to a whopping $159 billion. The sudden increase was most definitely heavily influenced by the pandemic outbreak, and we are not likely to see a similar record this year, nevertheless, the gaming industry revenue is forecast to grow at a rate of 4,4% over the next four years, reaching a worth of $197.4 billion by the end of 2025.

Meet the team

Meet the team! Katarzyna Urban bravely faces day-to-day challenges as our UX/UI Designer. Before #inSTREAMLY she worked in various marketing agencies and software houses. 🖌️

Kate (as she’s called by her friends) got her first PC as a gift for her First Communion and ever since she has been in absolute love with videogames. 🎮 Her go-to titles are League of Legends, Valorant, CS:GO, GTA5, Battlefield 4, Diablo II/III and the entire Assassin’s Creed series. Back in the day she considered herself a typical Metina 2 no-life 😉. Streaming? Sure, from time to time!

Gaming is not her only passion though. Kate is also a true sports freak! Handball, basketball, jogging, skiing, archery, horseback riding, rollerskating – you name it! Hell, she might even play hide & seek at 10PM in the middle of the park – anything to get that adrenaline rush! 🔥

Favourite book? 📙Dune by Frank Herbert. Movies? 🎬 Fire up fantasy or horror! Music? Anything from progressive rock to G-Eazy (but save the jazz for someone else)! 🎧

The place Kasia loves to get back to is most definitely her family region of Kociewie which is filled with astounding lakes and forests. 🌅

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Did you know…

…that Twitch in 2021 is: 1007 BILLION minutes watched this year so far, 9 MILLION unique creators streaming each month, 2,772,000 average concurrent viewers and 108,300 average concurrent streamers.

Gaming and live streaming keep growing, and creative brands are taking over. Don’t waste any extra minute and get your brand on live streaming now!


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