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Harmony and Disharmony

Harmony and Disharmony

Hi friend,

New things are coming. And like in any time of significant change, tensions increase. On the one hand, we can see that a new live-streaming platform has emerged, intending to conquer the West through a healthy approach without a trace of competition among streamers. So a new chance is growing. In China, on the other hand, the authorities are seriously interfering in the industry, and it is difficult today to say in which direction this will go.

In the gaming world, in turn, a new approach to what gaming is and the big tech associated with it causes tensions between players. This is how the industry’s future is shaped, and we sometimes get an insight into how it is forged.

Paradoxically, only Discord has total harmony 😉


Gaming week review

Two Sides of a Livestreaming Coin

😊 Altair is a Promising Twitch Alternative Focused on Streamers’ Mental Health
Altair is an upcoming streaming platform that promises to prioritize the mental health of content creators with features like opt-in analytics.


Harmony on Discord

🎧 Discord has won over gamers. Now it wants everybody else

Chief executive Jason Citron is looking to broaden the appeal of the popular chat platform.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 How Discord aids brands’ quest to engage fans around ’emergent culture’

“Discord represents a shift in what we see as ‘normal’ social media platforms. The people really create an intimate community to discuss and be a part of something specific, and not just focus on growing their specific followers.”

🎥 How the Community at Discord Created Our New Campaign Film

An epic salute to our weird, wonderful world.


Discord Among Giants

🔥 Epic wants Fortnite to be the last game standing — so it’s stealing ideas

The new Impostors mode could be a preview of the future of Fortnite

🤜🤛 Among Us developers accuse Fortnite of plagiarism

The new Impostor mode strongly resembles the popular indie game

💸 Google’s Plans To Buy Fortnite Developer Epic Games Included Tencent

Revealed court documents show that Epic lawyers thought Google had plans to cooperate with Tencent and buy controlling shares in Epic’s ownership.


Pride month campaign

Over 150 Streamers Supported Pride Month and Showed that Love Doesn’t Have Boundaries

Every day people fight for their right to be who they are, to love who they want, to live as they want. They stand against the repression and discrimination of human differences. That is why June is so important and special for them and those of us at inStreamly. Gender equality, diversity, acceptance and love – all of it is celebrated during Pride Month. As Gen Z representatives, streamers also, from all over the world believe that love doesn’t have any boundaries and has different colours to it.

Did you know…

On average, Twitch sees 15 million daily active users, most gamers and viewers, on the site for content related to gaming. In addition to this, they have 3 million monthly broadcasters with nearly 2 billion minutes of video watched each day, totaling 8 years’ worth of videos every month.

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