KnowledgeHow should streamers work with brands?

How should streamers work with brands?

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Whether being a professional streamer is the best job in the world or not, one thing we can be sure of - it’s one of the most popular and harmoniously developing professional pursuits. Streaming, and gaming are definitely paving the way of the future. That is why it is so important to understand the position that streamers find themselves in today, including from a marketing perspective.

Examples of undisputed stars like Richard Tyler Blevins "Ninja" or Piotr "Izak" Skowyrski show how just powerful streamers can be as media personalities. The most popular streamers are not only enthusiasts sharing their passion with other Internet users, but above all more often, serious businessmen reaching enviable heights. That is why we decided to take a closer look at streaming from the advertising perspective and how streamers should go about working with brands.

Hidden streamer potential

They are virtually unlimited and still not fully understood. Streaming is a relatively young and fledgling profession, but the world is slowly learning its potential, threats - the good and the bad. The representatives of various brands are also on this learning curve. Suffice it to say, the aforementioned "Ninja" was on Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2019. The future of streaming and representatives of this profession is presented through rose-colour glasses, so that brands will want to join this colorful world and become an indispensable part of it.

Today, a streamer with even several thousand followers on Twitch becomes an influencer. He reaches a large group of young people whose tastes, interests and sometimes even views he influences and sometimes creates.

Streamers, like YouTubers, are a symbol of our times and a generational shift in thinking about created content, and how we access it. Younger audiences are completely different from the stereotypical audiences from years ago. Streaming fans practically don’t watch TV, and are allergic to intrusive online advertising, using Adblock and similar browser plugins, making it more difficult to reach them using classic forms of advertising. A lot of brands have noticed and started to tap into the hidden streamer potential, full of personality and created content, with the ability to interest and encourage thousands of fans. So they have an undisputed impact on others, and thus become influencers.

Why do brands want to work with streamers?

  1. Reach and recognition.

    You don't have to explain too much here. A streamer with tens of thousands of fans and hundreds of thousands of subscriptions is millions of views, and this translates into huge advertising potential. It is easier for a brand to reach the audience with such a recognisable and popular ambassador. Greater reach and results are a greater chance for commercial success, i.e. the sale of specific brand products.

  2. Engagement.

    The online community operates according to specific behavioral patterns, and this also applies when it comes to the potential in engaging fans in advertising campaigns. When the brand expects the streamer's audience to be on the receiving end of the process of transmission broadcast, but also to do some specific actions (very often also in the rewards system), this can increase the fans' attachment to both the streamer and the brand. The best community is a lively, active and incentivised community!

  3. Image building.

    It’s like a game of associations that works in the simplest way possible. Viewers like the streamer, they feel part of the community they create and are enthusiastic about the content they present, so the brand hopes that in the same way, by establishing a working relationship with the streamer, viewers will not only recognise the brand, but also value and have positive feelings towards it.

  4. Audience.

    Stream viewers use AdBlock and watch little traditional TV. It is difficult to break through with advertising. That's why brands are looking to reach them in the easiest way - via a streamer.

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How do brands work with streamers?

  1. Product placement.

    Using products of only one specific brand during broadcasting, social media activity or any public speaking (including that in the virtual world). For example, the streamer is obliged to use headphones only from the brand he works with.

  2. Sponsor visible during the stream.

    Logos, slogans, any sponsor materials may be visible, for example, in the form of an advertising banner displayed during or before the start of streaming. Working out the details is a matter between the brand and the creator. Such partnerships are available for every inSTREAMLY streamer.

  3. Sponsored streams.

    Streaming from the brand’s account or creating individual streams for a special occasion such as a premiere or promotional campaign of a brand-related product. The best example of this is a stream testing a brand new game released by the sponsor.

  4. Sponsor designation or sponsored content on social media.

    With the development of social platforms, new opportunities and advertising channels have been created. The streamer can create a sponsored post and share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or the current favourite breaking all popularity records - TikTok. That is why it is so important today that a serious and self-respecting streamer knows what social media is for, how to run it and what for. This also applies to the use of the streamers image for brand sm.

  5. Presence at events and participation in special campaigns.

    A well-known representative of the streaming world who is the face of the brand, especially the one from the computer games industry, is extremely important especially during trade fairs or game festivals, as well as industry conferences.

  6. Participation in advertising.

    Here, we return to the traditional promotional methods. However, the potential of streamers is so great that it goes even beyond the virtual world. Therefore, already we can see well known characters from the internet on TV commercials. Both worlds are intertwined more and more, which advertisers are aware of.

Where to find partnerships?


There are agencies that bring streamers together and connect them to brands. An agency such acts as a representative for you and collects a percentage for their work, such as a % from all campaigns. There are two options for working with an agency: exclusive and open. An exclusive contract means that the agency is the only one that can offer you to work with brands and even if you find a sponsor by yourself, the agency will take over the contact and take a cut. Sometimes agencies offer a fixed salary in exchange for the total amount in campaign money that is earned. An open contract means that the agency can find the streamer work and earn a percentage from campaigns in which it participates, but the streamer can also look for sponsors on their own.

Be your own agent

Here, the streamer wears as many hats as are necessary - a salesman, lawyer, accountant, marketing, PR and public speaking specialist. You can contact brands yourself and work out the details of your partnership together. The more popular you are as a streamer, the more power you have. The world's largest streamers have their own staff - a mini agency that is responsible for their affairs.


We connect any and all streamers directly with brands that want to work with them. Using InSTREAMLY, every streamer can establish short-term partnerships with brands and display content during their streams. Settling accounts is simple and secure for both parties.

What to consider when working with brands

  1. Does what you do and who you are fit into this brand?

    Entering the world of advertising is exploring the new world of contracts, expectations, and often legal complexities, probably something new and unknown to the streamer. The basic issue is of course the target, i.e. the target group. If you are a teenage streamer or a fan of anime and create content directed to teenagers similar to you, then working with bookmakers offering esport betting on matches does not make much sense. It also works the other way around, a streamer creating content for 20 year old men shouldn’t get into an advertising contract with a clothing brand for teenagers.

  2. Settling accounts. How do you get paid?

    Once you’ve managed to establish the fundamental issues, like the concept and approach to content with the brand, it’s time for formalities, bureaucracy and details. When it comes to working with brands, the streamer should pay attention to, is it:

    • A contract, signed by both parties and a legally binding document obliging both the company and the streamer to specific actions. The issue of remuneration depends on mutual arrangements. The brand may choose a fixed salary or remuneration depending on the activities carried out.
    • Barter, or trade. Streamer receives a product from the brand, then uses this equipment and recommends it to fans. Understandably, this is the preferred form by gaming brands. It's hard to find a better and more practical advertisement for a microphone, mouse or keyboard than have them used by a streamer who is watched by thousands of people.
    • Affiliation. This way gives the streamer a lot of creative license. In the case of affiliations, it all depends on what income the brand actually brings. If the viewers purchase the product by clicking on the link provided, part of the profits from the sale goes to the streamers account.

Our advice: Do not agree to something indefinite or a “gentleman’s agreement".

All forms of financial cooperation must be written, even in the form of email correspondence. If a brand feels measurable benefits from working with you, you are just as entitled to certain benefits. The world is changing, so be careful and be prepared for any working scenario, also a negative one.

What can a streamer do to be attractive to sponsors?

Numbers, numbers, numbers - the more viewers a streamer has, the more attractive they are to brands. The results across other social media are also important - it is not worth neglecting them.

Qualitative content - watching movies on streams is not enough. Streamer’s create content and in the long run its quality is very important to the audience. For streamers that do interesting things is simply easier to stand out from the crowd.

Take care of your image - brands care for so-called "brand safety" - they do not want to be associated with people who behave vulgarly, aggressively or use stimulants while streaming.

Don’t neglect social media - the more places where a streamer interacts with the audience, the more options given to the brand to maneuver. Social media opens the door for the streamer to be in touch with their audience even if they can’t be live, and it’s a great business card for brands.

How can viewers help in finding sponsors?

The brand works with the streamer because it wants to reach their viewers audience. The better the brand is received by viewers and the better the results, the greater the chance that it will continue to work with the streamer. The audience should know that sponsorship allows the streamer to support themselves and create better content for them. Therefore, it is worth teaching viewers that by liking sponsored posts or clicking on links sent by a streamer they directly support them. It is also very important for the brand to be appreciated by viewers. After all, nobody wants to be where they aren’t liked.

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