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How to Find Influencers? + More Questions About Influencer Marketing

How to Find Influencers? + More Questions About Influencer Marketing

Jakub Turkowski
Jakub Turkowski

You are looking for a way to make your brand shine and reach the best audience, there is no question about it. You wonder how to do it, and you have probably heard dozens of times the term ‘influencer marketing’. But the most important question is ‘how to find influencers for your brand?’. You can spend priceless hours looking for a solution on your own, but you don’t have to. Your brand can work with experts who already have influencer marketing tools, as well as a huge influencer base at hand. All this and more you can find at inStreamly. Do you have more questions? We have the answers — check this article and proceed with your brand level-up!

  1. What is an influencer, and why do you need influencer marketing?
  2. Social media influencers — they play a big part in marketing
  3. Gen Z influencers — a game of marketing on level ‘hard’
  4. How to find influencers – influencer marketing tools

What Is an Influencer, and Why Do You Need Influencer Marketing?

We could go with a long story about ‘what is influencer marketing’ and provide lots of examples and success stories. But what’s even more important for you and your brand — is knowing influencer marketing is NOT. Here’s a short list:

  • Influencer marketing is not just about establishing a partnership with someone, who has an audience
  • It is not about getting instant results
  • And definitely it is not about numbers and Excel spreadsheets

We understand that your brand wants to reach the top and make a profit. You can achieve this with our help. Just be aware of the fact that working with ‘someone with an audience’ is rather like a partnership with a celebrity. Influencers are experts in their fields, who spend a lot of time building their loyal community, and who care about their followers and their reputation. That’s why you need to find the right influencer to work with.

what is an influencer

Influencer marketing helps build brand awareness while supporting the authority and credibility of your brand. It’s not about quick results — these will fade away in a blink of an eye. Imagine your brand being a ‘top of mind’ kind of brand. It’s far more profitable in the long term. What your brand needs is an engaged and loyal audience — and it is our job to help you achieve it.

Influencer Marketing Size Is Now Worth $13,800,000,000 USD


Social Media Influencers — They Play a Big Part in Marketing

Social media is everywhere. It’s absolutely common nowadays to have a profile on social media platforms and to use them for communication. This also applies to marketing communication. Advertising became more sophisticated — there are brand-new possibilities to reach the desired target group. There are a few things you should know about influencers.

  1. They’re not just celebrities. Influencers can be anywhere, and they can be anyone – beauty experts, journalists, activists, gamers and many more. 
  2. They can be big or small. Their number of followers depends on the niche they have – there can be mega, macro, micro and even nano influencers. Each of them is just as relevant as the others.
  3. They influence people. They are the ones who build opinions inside their group of followers in terms of everything – products, social issues and even politics.

Gen Z Influencers — A Game of Marketing on Level ‘Hard’

Reaching younger generations is always beneficial for brands. It appears that it’s far easier to reach a wide audience with the Internet, but the truth is that it’s harder than most marketers think. You need to know that ‘Generation Z’ is resistant to most advertising channels by choice. They consciously reject aggressive advertising and block ads by using apps and extensions dedicated to it. Still, there is a way of connecting them with your brand. And this is our field of expertise — we work with streamers.

Streamers are influencers in the gaming world and they developed massive and loyal audiences. Pairing with the right streamer is the gateway to reaching Gen Z with your brand communication. Building brand awareness among Gen Z is a gold mine in the long-term. 

The Global Video Games Market Is Now Worth Around $138,400,000,000 USD


Where should you start with promoting your brand to reach Gen Z and how to contact influencers? The best option is to contact us at inStreamly — influencer marketing and partnership with Gen Z influencers are our bread and butter.

How to Find Influencers – Influencer Marketing Tools

You’re probably wondering how to find influencers, get your branded content inside live streams and reach your desired target group. Though influencer marketing is not an easy thing and reaching Gen Z requires lots of experience, you can do that in no time. The first step is contacting us — we run the show, and we have all the tools of the trade in this field!

Start Your Own Marketing Campaign With Game Influencers!

Do you want to make your brand popular among Gen Z and run marketing campaigns with high ROI? Contact us now!

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We know that marketing is not about empty words — we have quantifiable results, high ROI, and a rich portfolio of success stories. For example, check how Danone’s Small Hunger confronted Fortnite streamers. What makes us special is that we provide fully automated and monitored content display, as well non-invasive, yet visible content, across many streams at once.

If you feel overwhelmed, and you’re not sure which channel you should choose for your brand communication — don’t worry. We will answer all your questions and help you pick the best solution. All you have to do is to contact us, we got you covered!

Jakub Turkowski
Jakub Turkowski

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