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inStreamly Marketing Awards 2021

inStreamly Marketing Awards 2021

Connecting leading brands with individual creators and their fans is a prize all on its own. It is a great pleasure to see streamers of all sizes thrive and grow their channels, with agencies and marketers coming back to work with them time and again. That being said, when the marketing awards 2021 started, we couldn’t wait to see what it will bring. And it was a proud moment to be appreciated for our hard work.

We are delighted to be co-authors of one of the most awarded gaming campaigns of 2021 in Poland! 

What campaigns got the attention of prestigious marketing awards’ juries, and what made them unique? 

14 marketing awards 2021 across 3 competitions

The end of Q4 has been a great ride for the whole team. In a single week we have been awarded across three different competitions:

  • Gold ‘Innovation in business’ award in Innovation 2021!
  • Four awards (two silver and two bronze) with VMLY&R for the Danone ‘Mały Głód’ campaign in Innovation 2021!
  • A bronze award with MediaCom Warsaw for Cyberpunk 2077 and Sprite campaign (“Jest rok 2077. Pragnienie to przeszłość”) in Innovation 2021!
  • ‘Technology of the year’ award in Klub Twórców Reklamy KTR!
  • Four Awards (one gold, one silver and two bronze) with VMLY&R for the Danone ‘Mały Głód’ campaign in Klub Twórców Reklamy!
  • Four bronze awards in IAB Polska MIXX Awards 2021!

Danone ‘Small Hunger’ (Mały Głód) Campaign

The Goal

Danone presented us with the challenge of introducing the mischievous Small Hunger to the world of gaming and live streaming. The aim was to raise Danio’s brand awareness among Gen Z and gamers.

The Solution

Together with VMLY&R, we have created a mechanism allowing the artwork to pop up on the stream whenever the character’s energy changed. Thanks to AI-based technology, created by VMLY&R, the Small Hunger character knew exactly what was happening during the game. What’s more, he had sharp retorts prepared for many scenarios! This allowed him to ‘attack’ exactly when Fortnite characters’ energy levels were low. The combination of AI algorithms and creative writing rooted in Gen Z gamer culture, allowed us to turn advertising into engaging entertainment.

Check out the full case study here!

It’s 2077, Thirst Is in the Past (Cyberpunk 2077 X Sprite Campaign)

The Goal

The goal of this campaign was straight-forward: to reach as many players as possible, make noise about the premiere of Cyberpunk 2077 and encourage gamers to take part in the lottery Sprite ran in collaboration with CD Projekt. All fine, but how do you approach one of the most inaccessible and hard-to-reach target groups? Well, we had an idea!

The Solution

Bringing streamers and brands together to create content gamers can enjoy is something we do best at inStreamly. With some help from us, Sprite created futuristic artwork inspired by Cyberpunk’s world. The game is all about style, so it had to be clearly present in the artwork.

The display is not all! Together with MediaCom we decided to run engaging week-long activities for streamers and their fans by using Discord! Viewers and streamers competing in teams to solve tasks assigned to them each day. This merger of interesting activity, modern technology and appealing message resulted in one of the most innovative campaigns we have had pleasure to co-create. Most importantly, both streamers and their viewers enjoyed the campaign!

Check out the full case study here!

Marketing Awards 2021 Are Just the Beginning

These campaigns have been an incredible adventure and experience. The success of these campaigns shows how amazing results brands can achieve by connecting with the audience as supporters of the streaming community. We can’t wait to bring even more engaging activities to brands and streamers alike. A big thank you to everyone involved in creating these awesome campaigns. 


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