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inStreamly Monthly Update: March 2022

inStreamly Monthly Update: March 2022

The inStreamly update for March 2022 is here! From improvements, interesting new features, campaigns to IRL events. Do you want to know what we’ve been up to?

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Company Updates

Mental Health Program

Psychological support is essential now, more than ever, so we continue our work with HearMe, a platform connecting therapists with employees to help them with their everyday concerns, whether they be work-related or not.

inStreamly and Devils.One gaming event

The very first Devils.One x inStreamly gaming event was hosted at The FPS Center, making their space and equipment available for testing. As a result, we had 21 computer stations for CS:GO and League of Legends!

inStreamly vs competition

inStreamly vs



Support Ukraine

Nothing is more important than supporting each other, especially when human life is at stake. We have launched campaigns supporting Ukraine in multiple European countries. Streamers from all over Europe display dedicated artworks on their streams, directing their viewers to collections raising money for the Ukrainian people.

We are running campaigns in the following countries: Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Be in the Centre of Gaming Action

We are constantly growing and expanding our possibilities to make our campaigns more engaging and interactive for stream viewers, so we implemented a brand new mechanism straight from the future.

Real-time in-game action recognition is a mechanism that identifies different in-game happenings and automatically displays artwork in response to it. This innovative approach brings brands closer to gaming than ever before.

New Product for Game Developers

Did you ever wonder how to make your game stand out from the big players? Gaming Product Placement is a particular type of campaign where streamers talk about a promoted game on their live streams while showing the gameplay to their viewers. It’s a great way to showcase the game in its natural environment and allow it to become more known within the gaming community.

We have already conducted campaigns for games like Broken Ranks and Final Fantasy XIV on the Polish, French, Czech and Slovakian markets.



Streamer Managers Around the World

Do you want to know what the work of professional esports teams looks like from behind the scenes? Our “Streamer managers around the world” series is precisely this – interviews with managers of big esports clubs, where they tell us what it’s like to be a part of this world.

The interviews are available on the Streamcoi website. Immerse yourself in gaming and esports through their eyes.

Duplicate Campaign Button

Esports managers don’t have it easy – managing entire teams is challenging. So we improved our platform and added a “Duplicate campaign” button to ease their struggles. It’s a simple tool that enables managers to copy a campaign without going through it again. Who doesn’t love a good time saver?



Hello Opera!

The Genki plugin is now available on both Opera and Opera GX, which means good things for creators and fans alike.

Genki available on Opera

New Assets for Creators

To help streamers promote their Genki codes successfully, we created some brand new assets available in the promo pack. The materials include unique camera frames, mini FAQs and a Genki explainer for fans.


Streamers Global

2021 Summary

As is our annual tradition, we summarise the previous year in the world of Polish live streaming. Here are some 2011 stats that may interest you:

  • Last year, Polish viewers watched streams for over 311 million hours.
  • On average, Polish broadcasts were watched by 35.5 thousand people a day (46% more than a year ago). 
  • Every month, Twitch was visited by over 1.25 million users from Poland.


Stay tuned for next month’s update, and check our LinkedIn and Twitter, where you will have everything up to date!

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