inStreamly Quarterly Update: Q3 2023

inStreamly Quarterly Update: Q3 2023

Grzegorz Łatka
Marketing ManagerGrzegorz Łatka

Time flies by, and we’re already in the fourth quarter of 2023. Before we all focus on Q4, let’s have a look back at what the previous quarter brought to us at inStreamly.

During the last three months, we kept developing the idea of streamer marketplaces around the world. The fantastic inStreamly team visited a few events, but we also organised a company offline meeting. Last, but not least, streamers registered to inStreamly have received a bunch of new things, including a new Streamer Panel.

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Q3 2023 in the numbers

To kick things off, let’s have a look at the sponsorship campaigns streamers were offered on inStreamly in the third quarter of 2023. There were many of them, and here are some of the most interesting stats and facts:

  • inStreamly ran 31 campaigns,
  • Streamers signed nearly 17,000 micro-sponsorship deals,
  • Companies like Cyberport, Fortuna, Lubella, and Allegro Lokalnie offered streamers sponsorship deals for the first time,
  • The campaign organised by Allegro Lokalnie recorded the highest attendance among streamers. Nearly 1300 streamers participated.

Remember us talking about reaching 100,000 registered streamers in the previous update? Well, we have unlocked a new achievement. Let’s celebrate surpassing 115,000 registered streamers!

New inStreamly features & improvements

One of the biggest changes we introduced in Q3 was the brand new look of the Streamer Panel. Not only has it received a fresh, simplified, and cleaner design, but it’s also supercharged with improved performance.

While revamping the Streamer Panel, we also had a closer look at our Level Up! program and made some improvements. Level Up! now offers a scoring system that rewards additional activities around sponsorships. Clips is another new feature where streamers can earn points by sharing clips of sponsored animations.

Offline meeting

In September, the whole inStreamly crew has gathered in a charming village near Warsaw. Our two-day meeting was full of engaging team-building activities. Yet, we didn’t include some boring corporate stuff. Instead, we played a football match, enjoyed board games, and spent time by the campfire. All of this brought us all closer together!

Launching Turkish streamer marketplace

In the first half of 2023 we were focused on developing the idea of streamer marketplaces. We launched it in Brazil and Japan, while Turkey joined in the third quarter. Together with Gaming in Turkey | MENA | EU we have built Hub of Streaming. HOST will bring Twitch and YouTube streamers closer to brands that want to reach young audiences effectively.

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Tundra Esports join forces with Streamcoi

Tundra Esports expands streaming technology through partnership with Streamcoi. This top esports team based in the United Kingdom fields rosters in games like Dota 2, Fortnite and Rocket League. Tundra will leverage Streamcoi to enable their partners to effectively reach new audiences through the 20 streaming channels.

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Attending events & conferences

The summer months were full of engaging events in the gaming and streaming industry, and the inStreamly team could not miss them!

Wiktoria Wójcik travelled to Cologne, Germany to talk about equality in gaming and esports at the Equal Esports Festival hosted by Deutsche Telekom.

Maciej Sawicki, Jakub Janaszek, and Marcel Opilka also visited Cologne, where they attended one of the biggest gaming events in the world, gamescom 2023, to meet with current and potential future partners.

However, our business trips weren’t limited to Germany. Jakub Janaszek also participated in TwitchCon that was held in Paris, France.

Grzegorz Łatka
Marketing ManagerGrzegorz Łatka

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