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LEGO In the Metaverse?

LEGO In the Metaverse?


It’s been a while since we have checked back in with the metaverse. Through the lens of Lego’s deal with Epic Games, let’s look at what potential virtual spaces bring to brands.

In other news:

🔐 Microsoft seized Russian domains targeting Ukrainian media organisations

🥇 Returnal wins big at this year’s BAFTA Games Awards

💻 PC gamers upgraded to Windows 11 at half the rate of Windows 10


Let’s Talk

There are so many possibilities for brands to reach gamers through in-game ads, which we listed in our blog post.

The newest trend adds to the ever-growing list – virtual spaces, which are closely related to the metaverse.

Lego Group has announced a long-term partnership with Epic Games to ‘create to shape the future of the metaverse to make it safe and fun for children and families. It isn’t clear what the actual space will look like. Epic Games owns the top current metaverse title Fortnite. We may speculate that this title will have a heavy impact on the new project.

Creating virtual spaces for brands is catching on in digital marketing as brands create theme parks for players. Proto-metaverse games blur the line between gaming and social platforms. Roblox users can visit official spaces like Nike, Gucci, and Vans. Animal Crossing has its Netflix, Ally Financial, and KFC islands.

In Fortnite, the list of brand collaborations is extensive. For example, recently, players could take part in a Jordan-themed challenge located in a special ‘Jumpan Zone’.

This new trend clearly indicates how customers will engage with brands in the metaverse of the future.


Week review

War in Ukraine

Microsoft seized Russian domains targeting Ukrainian media organisations

A court order compelled several domains to be taken down, as Russian spies used them to target Ukrainian media outlets, foreign policy think tanks, and government institutions across the US and the European Union.

Intel has now suspended all operations in Russia, not just product shipments

After suspending shipments to Russia and Belarus, the CPU and GPU manufacturer decided to seize all operations in those countries. As a result, any Russian and Belarusian company producing electronic devices will have to readjust its operations. Thermostats, cars, and smart kettles all require a CPU to work.

Blizzard removes pro-Russia war symbol from Zarya skins in Overwatch

The ‘Z’ symbol visible in one of the Overwatch hero skins has been used by Russians supporting the invasion of Ukraine.



Returnal wins big at this year’s BAFTA Games Awards

This year’s big winner of BAFTA Games Awards also grabbed Audio Achievement and Music, and the best Leading Role category for Jane Perry as the game’s protagonist Selene Vassos. The PS5 exclusive published by Sony is a retelling of the classic trope of a protagonist stuck in a time-loop – this time in a sci-fi environment.

PC gamers upgraded to Windows 11 at half the rate of Windows 10, Steam hardware survey shows

Steam statistics show that the new iteration of one of the most popular operating systems is not (yet) loved by gamers. The biggest reasons for failure include poor communication on Microsoft’s side, lack of considerable innovations and the community generally not digging the new layout.


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