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Live Stream and Twitch Marketing for Non-endemic Brands

Live Stream and Twitch Marketing for Non-endemic Brands

Marketing on social media platforms is an essential part of running a  brand. While Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are well known by marketers, one platform is still not used to its potential. Let us introduce you to the world of live streaming and how Twitch marketing works.

What Is Live Streaming and Twitch?

First things first: what is a live stream and how is it connected to Twitch? A streamer is broadcasting a live record of themselves, while the audience (thanks to the Internet) can watch them. A streamer usually uses a mobile phone, a computer or a gaming console for the live video and engages with viewers. Of course, the audience also interacts with the streamer and other users via chat. Twitch is a platform, where you can find these streams. Simple as that.

But the content of the stream provides many possibilities. One of the main categories you can find is video game broadcasting (including esports). Although some streamers focus on other areas, like workouts, music, DIY or lifestyle. Twitch wants to be available for everyone and everywhere, that’s why you can watch it on different devices, like computers, mobile phones, tablets or gaming consoles.

So, Why Is Twitch Marketing Important?

Firstly: the numbers. From the data provided by Twitch nearly half of users are between 18 and 34 years of age. In 2020, the Twitch community watched 1 trillion minutes, while on average 30 million people visited the platform each day. That is huge. If you are hungry for more data, you can check it here. Numbers are one thing, commitment is the other. Just to point out a few reasons why live stream marketing should have your attention: “lives” are easy to consume, encourage engagement and fit any industry thanks to their versatility – see why your brand should use live streaming as a marketing channel

How Brands Use Twitch for Marketing?

When you have your own channel on Twitch, there are many possibilities of what you can stream to make your presence on the platform. Take a look at these:

Gaming and esports

Of course, this is the first thing that comes to mind, as gaming is the core of Twitch. It may not seem like the perfect fit for every brand, but if your target is the younger audience, you may consider starting to work with game streamers as there is a huge potential for non-endemic brands to grow with gaming and live streaming. It requires regularity and knowledge about the industry, that’s why partnering with streamers via micro sponsorships is possibly the best way to explore this marketing channel.


Interviews are quite different from broadcasting video games, but still can attract your audience. This can be done by your own team, on your own brand’s live stream channel (not necessarily on Twitch,  you can also use YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, for example), so you will reach the audience you already have on these social media channels. You can invite one or more guests to join you on a live stream and ask questions, and also encourage viewers to ask theirs!

Or, you can also work with influencers, like game streamers, and get someone from your company to be invited for an interview on their channel and use this campaign to share your brand’s message with their audience, which is possibly new to you and can help boost your brand awareness. Management of such content should also be quite simple – definitely easier than events.


Many programs, which are present usually in traditional TV, now can be seen on Twitch – think of different types of contests or award shows! Also, many live events had to move to digital space because of Covid-19. Gaming or fan conventions, music festivals had to be hosted online. So, here you have space to host your own online events, from webinars to whole conferences about your product or service.

Of course, you always have the option of joining other events as a speaker or sponsoring events broadcasted live on Twitch – here’s another great opportunity to reach a new and influential audience for your brand, like Generation Z, who is sure to be found in gaming and esports events.


As mentioned before, some streamers can focus on content other than gaming. So, you can use that to teach your audience in the area of your brand. Let it be fitness classes, DIY or music lessons – you name it!


It’s important to know that the Twitch community wants to support what they believe in. Twitch users are not only open to sponsored streamers, but also want to participate in philanthropic initiatives. This can be a win-win situation – raise the profile of your brand and donate for a good cause. See a case study of how we helped a foundation to raise awareness and funds to help animals by working with streamers.

Twitch and Your Brand’s Strategy

Alright, what do you need to know before starting using Twitch on your own for your brand? 

  • You don’t need fancy equipment. But you surely need to test it! This will prevent any technical problems that can occur during your stream.
  • Have a plan, but be ready for the unexpected. You never know what can happen and how people will react when you are live. Try to prepare your content the best you can, including ideas to help your audience interact – with you and each other. 
  • Think through your marketing strategy for Twitch and other social media. Use social media platforms to promote your streams and create consistent brand materials, so it will be easier to recognise you.

If you want to explore more opportunities and get the best ROI out of your marketing activities on Twitch and live streaming, you have to consider influencer marketing and micro sponsorships for streamers. See why working with micro-influencers and streamers instead of the platform is better.

Twitch Influencer Marketing

Chances are that you don’t want or need to start your own channel. Fortunately, there is something else you can do: partner with a Twitch influencer (or a few). They know their audience and will come up with some ideas on how to present your brand without forcing sales. There are many options, starting from including your brand’s name in the title. Your brand can be present in the stream itself as well – as product placement or just mentioned during live streaming.

It’s up to you and the streamer to find the best way of marketing for your brand. Finding the right streamer requires some work – you need to know if your target audience is the same (you can identify that for example from the types of games a streamer is playing). How many viewers do they have and how they are building engagement? Of course after finding the right influencer you need to contact them and agree on how best to work together. Seems tricky at first, but in the end, it’s less work than starting your own channel. 

Ready for Conquering the World With Your Twitch Marketing?

Alright, seems you are ready to get started with Twitch marketing! If you feel a bit confused, that’s OK. Remember, you can always contact inStreamly and start a successful campaign with streamers. Instead of starting your own channel, working with one influencer or using more traditional advertising with in-stream ads, you will use the potential of smaller broadcasters, who still know how to engage with their audience – and your potential customers.

Check some case studies of cool brands that partnered with us and ran creative and innovative campaigns with streamers.

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