Episode 47
Online means World 🌍

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Two days ago we experienced, for a few excruciating hours, how our lives would look like without our favourite Social Media. Truly horrifying picture 😉

On one hand people spend too much time on the Internet, but on the other, our whole economy exists mostly in the online world. You can see how much impact it has by just looking at the damage and losses caused by the 6 hour long crash of only three websites/communicators. Spoiler alert: It was 7 billion $ for Zuckerberg.


So grab a coffee and find out about the latest news 📘

Antonina Marc


Gaming week review

Clash of the Giants

💥 Games Industry Hit Hard by Facebook Crash

Users were unable to use Oculus headset or Facebook logins for games like Pokémon Go and FIFA Mobile.

💲 Microsoft Allows Epic Games On Its App Store Without Fee

Microsoft said it is a part of the software company’s policy to allow third parties wide availability on Microsoft’s digital sales platform.


Just Twitch News

👾 Twitch Begins Testing Controversial View-Boosting System

It allows streamers to pay for increased visibility, and the service’s users are divided.

💜 Twitch Fights Hate Raids and Trolls With New Verification Tools

They have implemented new verification tools in order to keep a closer look at who is responsible for different accounts.


Growing Changes

🚓 eSports Players Welfare Association Aims to Protect the Rights of eSports Players

Industry experts have set up a welfare organisation that aims to ensure players don’t get a raw deal from tournaments and sponsors.

🍿 Netflix Buys First Gaming Studio

Netflix has announced the acquisition of gaming developer Night School, who is responsible for the popular paranormal thriller game, Oxenfree.


inStreamly Scholarship Program

Young people are the future. 60% of the inSTREAMLY team is under 30, and many of them work in senior and managerial positions. We want to make the streaming industry better not only for streamers, but also for those who have their back. That’s why we decided to launch a new scholarship/internship programme for young gamers who want to take the first step towards professional gaming business. Selected candidates will learn about gaming, streaming, marketing, IT development and esports. They will work on fully-fledged business projects suited to their skills and talents 🧠

Gaming and live streaming keep growing, and creative brands are taking over. Don’t waste a minute and get your brand on live streaming now!



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