Episode 34
Streamers & serious money 🙌

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Who would have thought that Bill Clinton’s famous slogan could fit so well in modern reality? Only the subject has changed slightly. Now it’s all about the creators. They are starting to move to the center, and with them serious money. This is happening on several levels. One of them is the streaming platforms themselves, which enable the monetisation of content. However, they have many more tools at their disposal that allow them to earn doing what they love, and for us to share in their happiness and help them and have fun thanks to their commitment. Business sees it too and is shifting towards creators – and that’s how banks and even their own (crypto)currencies are created and implemented. If someone thought that the combination of passion and money does not always go hand in hand – they are wrong and this newsletter should lead them out of it!

Grab your coffee and find the economy of passion!



Gaming week review


⭐ Golden Age For Creators: not everyone gets rich, but a middle class emerges

This is a huge positive for people who want to replace decades of corporate servitude with creative and lifestyle control.

🎧 How Big Tech Is Finally Tapping Into The Creator Economy

Creators demanding monetization tools have long been ignored. Now, the tide may have turned in their favor — and tech giants are finally capitulating.

🏦 A bank for the creator economy, Karat Financial raises $26M in Series A funding

The creator economy is changing the way that people earn a living, whether you’re an Instagram influencer or a freelance graphic designer. But traditional banks haven’t caught up.


Cryptocurrency game

💱 Esports crypto streaming service turns bandwidth into profit

Theta is a blockchain project that underpins a peer-to-peer video streaming network that rewards many of its 1 million monthly users in exchange for unused bandwidth.Theta’s market value has risen to about $ 6 billion and is in the top 20 digital tokens. Unlike many other major crypto projects such as Bitcoin, Theta is still highly centralized.

💰 CoinFund Leads $2.3M Investment in Esports Startup Trying to Bring Crypto to Gamers

Community Gaming’s blockchain-based platform enables rewards to be paid out instantaneously in the ERC-20 token of the organizer’s choice, and sent directly to users’ crypto wallets. Is the latest example of the worlds of blockchain and video games colliding.

🔗 Binemon Introduces The New Concept “PLAY TO EARN” – The Future Combination Between Gaming & Blockchain

In attempt to revolutionize the Crypto Industry, Binemon is proud to introduce the concept of “PLAY TO EARN”. A theory that aims to build to the future combination between Gaming & Blockchain.


Esport: Conquest

✈️ One of Europe’s Biggest Esports Startups Is Targeting the U.S.

G2 Esports is in talks with streaming platforms over content. Move will test ability of esport brands to conquer new markets.

🌱 Gaming: Big money, big crowds in eSports

Numbers tell the story, as viewership rivals some of the most popular athletic events.


French streamers join Unicef charity campaign raising over €50,000

Unicef is a world-known charity with a headquarters in practically every country. Their projects are always creative and heartwarming, showing that there is kindness in people’s hearts. So when Unicef’s French branch asked us to help with promoting their newest Streamin’ Night campaign, we were more than happy to run a campaign for the cause.

Streamin’ Night was an event organised to celebrate Unicef’s 75th anniversary. Its main goal was to raise money for children and have fun with popular figures like Unicef’s ambassadors – Oxmo Puccino and Thierry Beccaro.

Enhanced version of Streamcoi’s automated streamer management platform

Do you manage your own network of streamers? Streamcoi, the tool that supports live streaming buissness in organisations like G2 Esports, BIG Clan, and Mad Lions, has released a huge update. On this occasion every streamer manager can try it free for 3 months.

Check out Streamcoi


Did you know

that Twitch viewership grows 56% and tops 1.5 billion Hours Watched
in Q2?


Gaming and live streaming keep growing, and creative brands are taking over. Don’t waste any extra minute and get your brand on live streaming now!


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