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The inStreamly Saga: Adventures of 2023

The inStreamly Saga: Adventures of 2023

Just a few days ago, we bid farewell to another year with inStreamly. It’s been a magical journey, packed with sponsorships for you and loaded with new features, upgrades, and changes. All of this happened thanks to you and, most importantly, for you – our fantastic streaming community.

It’s been a great year, so grab some snacks, settle in, and join us on an adventure to look back at all the incredible things that happened at inStreamly in 2023. Let’s dive in!

More Than Math: 2023’s Impact Beyond the Numbers

Before we explore everything that happened last year, let’s start with some impressive numbers. Don’t worry, it’s definitely not another math class this time.

In 2023, over 32,000 new streamers joined our platform, bringing our total community to nearly 120,000 streamers on inStreamly! You signed 165,000 micro-sponsorship deals in 2023 alone, out of over 405,000 deals signed throughout our history.

We’re extremely proud to have each one of you in the community and are very grateful to see you choosing inStreamly to boost your streaming income. We’ll continue striving to bring you even more opportunities in 2024!

Smooth Sailing: Dashboard Delights & Instant Support

One of the major upgrades in 2023 was the revamp of the Streamer Panel. Not only did the visual aspect change, but performance improved, reducing loading times to check the newest sponsorships or earnings in your Wallet.

With the new and improved panel, we introduced notifications directly in your dashboard. We wanted to ensure you’re always up to date with the latest inStreamly news. Now, a little bell “rings” every time something new and exciting is announced. Don’t forget to check it out from time to time!

The latest addition to the Streamer Panel is a feature that helps you contact us with any questions or reports – the ticket system. This brand new functionality allows you to keep a history of all your tickets, accessible directly from your panel. We believe this makes our communication much quicker and easier since no extra emails need to be sent. Everything happens directly in your dashboard.

Game On: Upgraded Level Up! & Creative Clips

The Streamer Panel wasn’t the only thing that received an upgrade. Our gamification program, Level Up!, underwent another rework once we realized there was room for improvement. Now, Level Up! comes with a scoring system that rewards additional activities around sponsorships, offering a fairer way to earn points based on performance and activity, regardless of whether you’re a big or small streamer.

One of the new additions to Level Up! is Clips. This new feature not only allows you to earn more points in the gamification system but also gives you a chance to showcase your enthusiasm for the sponsorships you participate in. Have you submitted your clips already? If not, make that your mission this year!

Fresh Ventures: Exciting Sponsorships & Streamer Tools

During 2023, we introduced new types of sponsorships in various markets worldwide. Streamers in a few countries could participate in sponsored deals featuring Voice Recognition Mechanism. How did it work? Well, unlike standard sponsorships, animated artworks appeared only when the streamer said specific words, resulting in interactive and playful interactions. We aim to expand these types of sponsorships to more regions in 2024.

In addition to new sponsorships, we worked on our Twitch Extension, “Your Community at inStreamly.” We upgraded and improved its performance based on your feedback. If you haven’t had a chance to try the extension yet, now’s a good time! It helps you discover more details about your channel and audience, enabling you to understand your viewers better.

Lastly, we significantly improved the experience for YouTube creators! Thanks to the new patches introduced to the inStreamly Overwolf App, not only did we enable more games to be compatible with the Game Reaction Mechanism sponsorship types, but we also made it possible for YouTube streamers to participate in sponsorships within a restricted game category list. We’ll keep updating our app in 2024, so expect even more titles to be available soon.

Community Connections: Wallu, Guides, Helpers, & Council

Over the course of 2023, we continued our mission that we set on the first day of inStreamly’s operation. We couldn’t exist without you, our streaming community. That’s why in 2023, we introduced even more improvements and upgrades focused directly on you and your experience, especially on our Discord server where most of you gather.

We started with the introduction of Wallu, a new “Helper” among our ranks. Wallu is an AI-powered information bot. By now, you’ve likely encountered it while asking various questions on the server. Whether the question is related to new sponsorships, functionalities, or your Wallet, Wallu is always there, ready to assist you.

Wallu wasn’t the only addition to our server. Alongside the Discord changes, we implemented various guides and amenities to enhance your experience. Now, you can quickly find popular guides on our Discord, ranging from streaming software configuration to an explanation of Level Up!, and even a guide on Recruit a Friend. And that’s not all; we covered various topics in different Discord channels to make understanding inStreamly and its features easier for you.

Speaking of assistance and making things easier for you, we upgraded our Helpers Program. Helpers are an essential part of our community, and we’re extremely grateful for each one of them.

Besides the Helpers, we introduced the brand new Community Council program. While currently in the beta phase and available to the Polish community only, we’ll be working closely on this initiative starting in early 2024. The Community Council will be a group of dedicated members sharing their feedback directly with us, having first-hand access to the newest features, and getting the opportunity to test them before they go live. While access to this group is currently limited, keep an eye on our server as we work on the next recruitment process.

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