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To Be a Streamer: Stories From Streaming Community

To Be a Streamer: Stories From Streaming Community

Having the same values, interests and beliefs gave us a streaming community that we are proud of. From the very beginning, ‘streamers first’ is our principle. Anything we do revolves around these two words. Helping streamers grow is more than just helping them work with brands in automated short-term campaigns.

We want to share stories from streaming community and let the world know about how great they really are. That’s why we came up with an idea to host a few events helping the streamer community bond and get to know them better.  

Streamer X

Project Streamer X has been one of the biggest events we have organised. It was a unique event on the Polish streaming scene. During the project, streamers had the opportunity to make their first step in their professional streaming career with the main prize being a streaming contract with the Devils One esports team. The event was also a chance to present hidden gems of streaming to the broader public.  

Sponsoring Streamer’s Boat offline meeting

When gangamurun, one of the streamers using inStreamly, reached out to us with the idea to organise an IRL meeting for streamers in Wroclaw, we instantly knew we wanted to be a part of this event. This has been an amazing opportunity to meet the streamers personally and hear their stories!  


The main idea of this event was to meet with streamers face to face, learn more about them and take some pics. We want to know their opinions and understand them as best as we can. We wanted to show their real faces. It meant a lot as we could finally spend some time together, talk and enjoy the day!  

Here are stories from streaming community we wanted to share with you today. Read on!


LinkTV is the winner of the Project Streamer X that was organised at the beginning of the year. He was an ordinary guy who dreamed about streaming and he finally did it. When he took part in our contest, he had around 300-400 followers. Now he has over 1,600 people in his community. He’s not stopping here, ready to pursue his dream! Let’s hear his stories from streaming community!

How Do You Reconcile Your Private Life With Streaming?

It depends on how I arrange it all in time. Privately, I work in IT and test codes. Work like any other. Sometimes it’s difficult, because something will break and you need to fix it quickly. And sometimes I have more time and leave earlier. It all depends on how you distribute your private time. And streaming is work also. You can reconcile it if you put your heart into it, it’s your passion, and if you want to become a full-time streamer someday. You also have to remember about moderation – of course, you can sleep for 3-4 hours a day, but this will affect your health later.


Are There Any Interesting or Exciting New Things You Learned While Streaming?

I started streaming last year in August, coming out of nowhere. When I started assembling a new computer, I was already dreaming about streaming. When I got the whole set up ready, I also put a lot of work and money into it all, because I wanted the transitions and the camera to be there, and all of it professionally done. I took part in the competition run by inStreamly – Streamer X, because my friends and people who watched me wouldn’t stop telling me to do it!


How Many People Watched You When You Joined Streamer X?

Back then, I had about 300-400 followers. For someone who is just starting this can be a big number, but for someone who is serious about being a professional streamer, this is just the beginning. Everyone started somewhere. I took part in Streamer X and I succeeded. After two weeks I got to the top ten, and then there was the finals. That day it turned out that I fared the best in the eyes of the jury. I won and thanks to that, I’m in Devils One now. I’m so grateful to inStreamly. The competition was well run and I hope that there will be more editions. I will definitely be watching, because it’s a nice event worth paying attention to. There were other streamers who were appreciated by the judges – a few rough diamonds. I think that in the future they will become popular and there we will hear about them for sure.


What Have You Learned Since Then?

One thing for sure is that chat can be awesome and great, but sometimes it can show its horns and be mean. You always have to balance it somehow and live well with everyone. As streamers, we don’t just do it for ourselves, we are primarily for people. We must remember that they come first and we manage all entertainment.

  LINKTV playing



A 26 year-old Pokemon fan from Tri-City. She spent 8 years of her life playing League of Legends. And streaming full time for almost 3 years now, often playing games that are not very popular in Poland or creating content related to real life. She loves contact with viewers and wants to infect them with a smile and optimism!  

Are There Any Streamers Who Inspire You?

None of the creators is an inspiration for me. I don’t want my audience to call me “xerogirl” so I try to be original in my own way. Usually, I play games that are not very popular on the Polish streaming scene. I don’t practically follow the current trends in the streaming world. It is known that this approach makes it harder to build a large community, but the satisfaction with each stream is much greater when someone wants to look at your favorite “dead” titles.


How Do You Deal With Hate?

Timeouts and bans are the best tools to fight hate. People who are toxic must be removed from your internet space immediately, because then they will get to your head and it can end badly not only for the streamer, but also for other people.


Why Did You Choose to Join inStreamly?

By being able to earn $$. The current advertising situation on the purple platform is not satisfactory, so it was necessary to find a new source of income. After a few months, it turned out that thanks to inStreamly I can get more benefits in the form of gadgets from sponsors, e.g. from Fritt, and also take part in a professional photo session for free, which is a great plus.

  HITOSZKA gaming



Xelyoshii has been playing games since a very young age, although he says that he does not play at an outstanding level. He is no stranger to classics such as Heroes III, Starcraft, Diablo, Lineage II or newer titles like League of Legends. He has been fond of Pokemon for a long time, but only Pokemon GO made him a real fan. Streaming is his hobby, because when you are already playing games, you can also talk to someone, right? And what are her stories from streaming community?

How Do You Reconcile Your Private Life With Streaming?

Sometimes it’s difficult when I try to find a moment, because I also work full-time and therefore it can be sometimes troublesome to start a stream. But when I find a moment, I try to do it.


What Advice Would You Give New Streamers?

Don’t pretend. Just be yourself. Because pretending won’t make sense – sooner or later it will turn out, or it will end up so that you will have to be someone else throughout your entire career.


What Do You Like About Being a Streamer?

The best thing is meeting new people. It isn’t the first time that I had the opportunity to meet Hitoszka, the viewers, whether at some expo or after. Or to just go to a pub and talk. This is probably the coolest part of it all.


Did You and Hitoszka Start Streaming at the Same Time?

No. She needed a little push at first. She wanted to start streaming very much, but was afraid. Then it turned out that she had to take a break once or twice and viewers began to complain that there were no broadcasts. And this is how it went.




His name is Kuba, although most people call him PanWiewor (which translates to Mr. Squirrel). He has been streaming almost since September 2018. He plays mostly GTA RP but he also likes to show how NOT to play other games like World of Tanks or League of Legends. Some time ago he placed 80th in Beat Saver in Poland!  

What Do You Think About Offline Activities Aimed at Streamers Like This Meeting? Maybe You Took Part in Some Similar Events of This Type?

It’s a very nice initiative. Especially that you can meet face to face with people whom we play with every day, but we just have no way to meet. Such meetings are very cool and also a great opportunity to meet new faces.


Do You Often Experience Hate or Toxic Behavior?

Not necessarily. Maybe there was more of it in the beginning, but now it’s much less. The most important thing when you experience hate is not to react, just ignore. And not worrying about it, because haters have always been, are and will always be.


Why Did You Decide to Join inStreamly?

All in all, my close friend, also a streamer (he no longer works in the industry) sent me info about it and said that it’s a great initiative, that there is such a startup and that I should check it up. And that it’s fully legal when it comes to Twitch toss and somehow, we’re here.


What Do You Like About inStreamly?

I guess total freedom. If there is a campaign, I don’t have to accept it, I don’t have to join it if, for example, it doesn’t fit my content or there is a brand that doesn’t suit me privately.

  PANWIEWIOR Stories from streaming community



His nickname is SYXZJAE, but don’t break your tongue and just say SYXIO. Dominik is a three time Polish academic champion and a Polish representative at the IESF World Championships in CS:GO. He has two earrings and the same number of cats. He has been associated with CS:GO since 2011 and with esports since 2006, when he started his adventure as a Call Of Duty 2 player. 

Do you have any tips for beginner streamers?

Fixed time is good for scheduling streams because viewers know when you are streaming. You already have your community and they know that “Dominik starts today at 5:00 PM”. People will get it in their heads at some point and they will keep coming. But when it comes to streaming, I think that when I have time, I just do it. Because if you have to plan something, then I plan some more specific projects.


Are There Any Streamers That Inspire You?

No, I’ve never had that. More like, do you know Maciek Dąbrowski? He is such a guy who is very relaxed, he doesn’t care too much. It is precisely the kind of content he creates that I would like to create, that is, to be at ease, talk about controversial topics on streams, because I like to talk about everything and I’m not ashamed of anything. I’m not afraid to express my opinion in public, because this is my opinion, someone may simply disagree with me.

Okay, but Probably Controversial Topics Can Bring More Hate. Do You Often Deal With It?

In general, the more controversial you are, the more people talk about you and the more publicity you have. I don’t care what anyone thinks about me, I am real to my friends, and on the Internet I can be who I want. I could dress up as a woman or wear a horse’s head. What content someone creates depends only on them and what people actually watch. Can I handle the pressure? No, because there is no pressure on me.

  SYXZJAE photoshoot



Her name is Gabriela but she is often called Gaba or Gabu. She works with DV1 streamers and is a streamer herself. Apart from acting, she is interested in photography and fashion. Everyone, who watches her live streams, knows that she is a big fan of alpacas – yes, they’re cute!  

How Did You Start Streaming?

At first my sister started streaming. She played professionally in the CS women’s team. […] Well, it happened that she started streaming and I thought at first: “No, it’s not for me”, but somewhere my mutual friends started to persuade me with words like: “Come on, you are playing a different game”. At the beginning I started streaming on the channel with her and everyone associated us with each other, because as twins we are very similar. And I liked it. I seriously started streaming last year, before I was streaming for maybe two hours a day.

Are You Still Streaming With Your Sister?

Less often now, because holidays you know. It happens that we play together, our friends laugh, because we have different personalities. And it’s funny, because I will scoff at her a bit, sometimes Kamila at me. We even started planning a channel that we will run together. For now it’s more like an idea, but that would be something else, right?


Are There Any Streamers Who Inspire You?

My sister is a great inspiration for me. Or sometimes I just watch how others play League of Legends. I also play League of Legends a lot and when I started watching world tournaments, I was like “Wow, that’s fun!”. Well, now I watch a little less because I spend most of my free time streaming, sometimes 6 hours or even 12 hours.


Tell Me a Little About Hate. Do You Deal With It a Lot?

Overall, I think girls get a lot more hate. I don’t have to show my tits to get some support and I don’t stream for money, because I meet great people here and it’s nice that I have this mini community of “alpacas” as I call them. Girls have it worse because they get a lot of sexist comments. It pisses me off. Guys won’t receive this type of treatment. Recently I got a “dickpick” on Instagram and later the same guy wrote to me on a stream chat asking if I can unblock him on Instagram. I said to him that this is not how you start talking to a girl, you can like me, but don’t push the boundaries. Start chatting normally, not by sending a picture like this. And he asked me why I talk about it in public. He was shocked!

But there are also good things. Sometimes, when I’m not streaming for a day or two and I won’t give any information about it, people write to me asking if I’m alright, if something happened. It really builds my self-confidence.

  PANIENKAGABU stories from streaming community

Showing appreciation for each other is a way not only to make business but also to become real partners and friends with streamers. It meant to us a lot that we had an opportunity to meet such great people and learn even more about them and their love for streaming! We hope you liked our stories from streaming community!

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