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esports Is Big and You Can See It 🏆

esports Is Big and You Can See It 🏆

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Today’s newsletter takes us to Shanghai, where thousands of people took to the streets in order to celebrate and…complete absurd challenges they have promised to do if their team wins the biggest League of Legends tournament. What else:

💡 EA CEO Andrew Wilson and Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick on use of NFTs in gaming

🐙 games inspired by the Squid Game series take over Twitch

🐶 Twitch has a new category and its adorable




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EDG International

fot. Riot Games/Lance Skundrich

Esports is big. It has been like this for quite some time now. All the statistics and reports on the state of the industry confirm this over and over again. So knowing this is one thing, but seeing it is something entirely different.

During the last few weeks the competitive gaming scene has been taken over by the League of Legends’ Worlds 2021 tournament taking place in Reykjavik, Iceland. Since 5th of October 21 teams competed for Summoner’s Cup and money from the total prize pool of $ 2.225 million.

In the grand finale held last Saturday, Chinese team EDG (Edward Gaming) from Shanghai bested South Korean DWG Kia 3 to 2 in a five game series. The game drew 4 million viewers not counting the audience from China, breaking the record for the game.

What numbers could’t show though is the reactions from fans back at home, which scale matching outbursts of happiness of football clubs winning important titles. Thousands of EDG fans flooded the streets of Shanghai to celebrate the third Chinese team ever to win the Summoner’s Cup.

Another major esports title Counter Strike: Global Offensive also set major record viewership and was watched by 2,74 million viewers. This ranks as the most watched event in all CS:GO history.

Spontaneous outburst of joy gives an insight into the scale and direction that esports is heading. The opportunities of virtual gaming, scale and the ability to gather millions engaged viewers is something no one can miss. Especially no brand thinking business.


Week review


Worlds 2021 hits record-breaking 4 million peak viewership during finals between EDG and DWG KIA

The biggest League of Legends event of the year brought in droves of spectators, and as expected, the final series of the tournament broke more viewership records.

Record breaking audiences watch EDward Gaming take LOL World Championship 2021

Over 4 million tuned in, excluding Chinese viewership.

Edward Gaming fans take to the streets to celebrate win at Worlds 2021

It was a party in every sense of the word.

Chinese esports fans celebrate country’s latest world championship amid Beijing’s tightened controls on video gaming

Edward Gaming has become only the third Chinese team to win the esports industry’s coveted League of Legends World Championship finals.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 broke all viewership records in CS:GO history

The first major after two years and the only recent elite esports tournament with an audience became the most successful CS:GO event of all time.


NFT in gaming

Take-Two CEO “a big believer” in NFTs, says blockchain “very useful”
Earlier this week, Ubisoft and EA’s CEOs said they saw NFTs and the blockchain as part of the future of gaming. Now Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has joined in

EA CEO Says NFTs and Blockchain Games Are The “Future Of Our Industry” And That He’s Unsure Of How That’s Going To Work

EA CEO Andrew Wilson recently said non-fungible tokens and blockchain games are the future of the video game industry during a recent company earnings call. He also said he’s unsure of how.



A Squid Game Clone Is Taking Over Twitch
If Netflix’s Squid Game took place in America, it would probably play like Crab Game.

Twitch streamer loses work because of her Squid Game name

A gamer who shares her online name with Netflix smash hit Squid Game says she is losing work because of it.

Twitch finally adds a category exclusively for animal streams
Animals, Aquariums, and Zoos is immediately the best category on Twitch, hands down.


PS4 Gaming

Gamer parents and more – demographics you won’t believe are into games

Gamer parents and old gamers in general are not an extinct species nor an endangered one. If you think about gamers, you’re probably imagining teenagers. Indeed, most of the gaming community are young people, but that does not mean older people don’t play games because the average age of gamers doesn’t exist.

We have some facts that will surprise you in this matter. There are more old gamers all over the globe than you think. It is a target group that should not be omitted in your marketing actions. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for some interesting information about older gamers.

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