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Everything You Should Know About Influencer Marketing Agencies

Everything You Should Know About Influencer Marketing Agencies

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective means for brands to connect with customers. The reach and level of interactions that influencers bring outperform traditional media campaigns. The growing number of brands entering the influencer scene resulted in its professionalisation. Instead of acting on their own, influencers more often rely on the support of agencies when working with brands. 

Read our guide on influencers and how you can work with them through agencies.

  1. How does influencer marketing work?
  2. What does an influencer marketing agency do?
  3. Which influencer marketing agency should you work with?
  4. Working with influencers through agencies
  5. How to work with hundreds of influencers simultaneously to boost your campaign ROI?


How Does Influencer Marketing Work?

Statistics show that companies achieve $5,1 ROI for every dollar they invest in influencer marketing. It’s something you cannot simply overlook if you are looking at it from a marketing perspective. So why and how do influencers achieve such great results?

In general terms influencer is someone who influences others. Influencers are charismatic trendsetters who make an impact on their environment. With the spread of social media, almost anyone has a chance to become one. The organic rise of these self-made stars gives influencers the appeal of authenticity. This authenticity is one of the critical factors for influencer marketing to be so successful.

Creator-Fan dynamic

What Does an Influencer Marketing Agency Do?

Of course, influencers and internet creators can and do work as their agents. When starting, the influencers often are the ones reaching out to brands. This often changes once they hit the top of their field. With hundreds of thousands of followers, Instagram models, streamers, or TikTokers can pick and choose between many sponsorship offers.

The influencer marketing agencies address these issues. The agency acts as an intermediary between a brand and an influencer. Providing expertise and insider knowledge, the agency can advise which talent would be best for the planned campaign. It can also oversee the running of the campaign, report its results, and help in settlements after it ends.

Influencer Agency dynamic

Which Influencer Marketing Agency Should You Work With?

The agencies differ in size and expertise, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. A lot depends on your goals and the target audience. For example, if you are a fashion brand, chances are you aim to work with Instagramers and TikTokers. Agencies handling these influencers will work best for you. Streamers and YouTubers will be your best ambassadors if you want to appeal to gamers.

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There is, however one jack of all trades when it comes to influencer marketing categories and it is streamers. Live streaming has been on the uprise for a few years now, only boosted by pandemic lockdowns. With streaming categories varying from gaming, beauty, and lifestyle to ‘Just chatting’, the audience it brings is massive. More brands, even those not native to gaming, turn to live streaming influencers.

Working With Influencers Through Agencies

Working with an influencer marketing agency looks pretty straightforward at a glance. In the traditional operations model, you would contact the agency and outline your goals. The agency would then suggest one or more influencers on their roster. 

This traditional way of working with influencers is a slow process. All setups, negotiations, and accounting are manual and rely on individual agreements. This is why usually agencies focus on the biggest talent out there, which leaves a lot of the influencer marketing scene out of the equation.

Smaller creators have often a hard time reaching brands. Their channels are too small to negotiate individual deals. On the other hand, popular celebrities can only handle a limited amount of sponsored content.   Differences between small creators and popular influencers

How to Work With Hundreds of Influencers Simultaneously to Boost Your Campaign ROI?

Outside of the traditional talent agencies, you can also look into the innovative approach of new platforms connecting creators with brands. These platforms (like inStreamly) use automation to plug into the hidden potential of micro and medium influencers.

For example, inStreamly technology automates signing deals between brands and live streaming influencers. This allows marketers and brands to collaborate with hundreds of creators of all sizes simultaneously. With combined viewership reaching hundreds of thousands, these influencers deliver outstanding results. What’s more, the potential for upscaling campaigns is almost infinite. All of this is done automatically with no individual deals needed. How inStreamly technology works?

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 Influencer marketing is a tried and tested, effective way to connect with Generation Z customers. With the growing accessibility of partnerships, this form of marketing should be a part of the marketing strategy for your brand.    

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