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TOP 10 Gaming Influencer Platforms

TOP 10 Gaming Influencer Platforms

Influencer marketing is one of the ways innovative brands connect with young Gen Z viewers. Marketers build a bridge between the audience and branded content by reaching out to creators. For any brand finding the right influencer is the key factor in campaign success. So let’s see what are top 10 influencer platforms and agencies to help you build connection with your audience.

  1. Streaming as a platform for influencer marketing
  2. Ways to find and work with streaming influencers
  3. Top 10 gaming platforms and agencies


Streaming as a Platform for Influencer Marketing

Among all the ways influencers interact with their fans and followers, live streaming is undoubtedly one of the most engaging. The incredible growth streaming has seen since 2020, continued in 2021, with a 21% increase in hours watched year over year. 

Twitch has 15 million active users

Gen Z uses AdBlock, doesn’t watch TV, and is quite difficult to reach via traditional means. So by collaborating with live streaming influencers, brands enter their world as supporters of their passions and companies trusted by their creators.   

Ways to Find and Work With Streaming Influencers

There are a few ways to find Twitch and YouTube influencers for your brand. In our guide on how to find the right influencer we cover them in detail, but here’s a summary:

  • do in-house research – investing some time and resources to conduct scrupulous influencer search and negotiate individual agreement details
  • work with the streaming platform (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming) directly – relying on the wider spread, but compromising slightly on the personal connections of the creator and their audience
  • work with streamers through an influencer agency or platform – leaving the research, accounting, campaign implementation and other crucial tasks to experts 

how to find the right influencer

The first and second options are worth considering for long-term projects with hefty budgets and enough time to plan the campaign implementation. But agencies and platforms are usually more accessible in the gaming and streaming influencers world.  

Top 10 Gaming Platforms and Agencies

With plenty of different agencies streaming influencers, you may wonder which one best suits your goals. We compiled a list of Top 10 gaming influencer platforms you should look into when searching for your next live streaming creators.  


inStreamly blends the critical characteristics of platforms and streaming influencer agencies by connecting streaming influencers and innovative brands in short-term sponsorships. All connections are made in an automated way, which speeds up the process of campaign setup and assures consistency across hundreds of streams simultaneously. 

Thanks to inStreamly’s unique technology, marketers can easily target the audience. The campaigns can be customised based on the game played, chat interaction, and external data. In addition, precise performance statistics show your impact across the streaming audience. 

The inStreamly crew is in constant contact with the creators. So this ensures that the brand content is always represented in the best possible way.  


Grin is an all-in-one streamer marketing platform allowing brands to discover, manage and track the performance of influencers they want to work with. Additionally, the platform allows for finding the content that influencers share and generating custom reports summarising their performance.  


San-Francisco-based Aspire (formerly AspireIQ) is a marketplace dedicated to marketers wanting to find, connect and nurture long-term relationships with streamer influencers. At the same time, the campaign creation and management is still at its core. However, reworked functions helping connect with influencers transformed Aspire into a notable platform on the list.  


Streamcoi is an incredibly powerful tool. You can manage campaigns and sponsorships across the talent networks of esports teams, tournament organisers and streaming organisations. With the Streamcoi dashboard all streaming campaigns are easily set up, managed and monitored across all streams simultaneously. 

Real-time access to the meaningful statistical campaign data performance allows for on-the-fly analysis. Combined with the possibility to adjust any aspect of the running campaign, it makes Streamoi an essential tool for any organisation working with streamer talents daily.  


Upfluence is a platform with an expansive database of influencers from all kinds of social media platforms. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to find the influencers your brand needs with well-designed search and filtering options. 

Worth noticing a feature allowing brands to find influencers based on their shopping habits. As a result, you may discover creators that already are your customers. In addition, built-in statistics such as engagement rates, posting consistency, or follower base size make Upfluence an interesting platform for any analytics.  


Focused on Twitch influencer marketing exclusively, PowerSpike is a marketing platform helping brands to find and run campaigns with streaming influencers. PowerSpike team handles starting, running and settling for the campaign from researching the influencers to campaign settlement.   


This platform is most likely familiar to anyone close to brand marketing and monitoring. While not an influencer platform itself, Brand24 can become a powerful tool to monitor and analyse and provide insight into the brand image on a wide range of social media platforms.  


CreatorIQ is a Twitch influencer marketing platform offering an advanced and in-depth way to build and manage a creator network. Powered with Google AI, the platform handles long- and short-term marketing campaigns and assists brands with creator discovery. In addition, an integrated global payment system helps with streamlined accounting and settlements. takes a different approach to connecting creators and brands. By building a network of creators, has become a social media platform for social media influencers. With over 100,000 influencer profiles on the website, created by creators themselves, anyone interested in connecting with Twitch streamers should be able to find one without any problems.  


Gameinfluencer is an influencer marketing agency with the main focus on gaming creators. Pairing the influencers with brands is done in more of a manual fashion. Gameinfluencer team builds and runs influencer marketing campaigns from scratch and handles marketing strategies on a global scale.  

Working with streaming influencers is a great way to establish a strong presence for your brands among Generation Z. However finding the right streamers is the first step in executing a winning marketing strategy for the streaming audience.  Discover more tips and insights on Generation Z marketing, streamer cooperation and why your brand needs to engage in influencer marketing in our other insights.

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