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inStreamly Monthly Update: January 2022

inStreamly Monthly Update: January 2022

Iga Łukawska
Campaign Creative ManagerIga Łukawska

Even if a year is challenging, we constantly endeavour to stay positive, continuing in January 2022. So we can happily report that we experienced many great moments in 2021. Looking back at our achievements, company growth across departments, and the feeling of belonging to a community gives us strength.

Let’s see what we managed to achieve in 2021 and reminisce about some of our company’s best moments.

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Company Updates

Growth is Crucial

We are very proud of what we accomplished last year, and we know the journey is only beginning. We are investing our efforts in finding the best, most passionate people to bring value to the company. As a result, in 2021, we doubled the number of team members in our company!

In 2020 our company had 22 employees. And in 2021 that number jumped to 46, as we hired another 24 people who enriched our team with new ideas, new experiences and a new perspective on the world of live streaming!

The Real MVP

We are very proud of the constant growth we are experiencing right now, amongst other things. This year, we got nominations for some of the most important awards from a marketing perspective and win them. And the happiness doesn’t stop there as we have a real MVP in our ranks!

Wiktoria Wójcik, one of our founders, has was listed on the Forbes 2021 25under25 list! She was also featured as one of 2021’s ‘Strong Woman in IT’ and was named Business Woman of 2020!

Check out Wiktoria’s interview and learn more about her!

Giving Back All the Good

For companies working 100% remotely, offline meetings bring incredible valuable. Online work lets us do our daily tasks more efficiently. Though there is one thing that we are missing – people. That’s why, from our perspective, offline meetings are essential. They help us stay in touch. 

We decided to organise an internal fundraiser for children in need from Children’s Homes during our last offline meetings this year.

On December 16th, we had two offline meetings – one in Warsaw and one in Cracow. Besides talking, eating and drinking, we collected Secret Santas packages for two organisations we decided to support. Team members in Cracow prepared gifts for Rodzinny Dom Dziecka Drohomireccy. While the Warsaw employees prepared gifts for Rodzinny Dom Serca.

One of the packages weighed more than 50kg! Both packages hit their destinations just in time for Christmas. The children and their guardians were so happy! We received warm wishes, blessings and a ton of good energy in return.

Internship Program

We are thrilled to announce that our internship program was a great success. First, we met many talented young people who are as passionate about the world of live streaming as we are. As this project comes to an end, we couldn’t be more proud to share that two interns joined our team!

Filip Denis became a part of the Marketing team to bring a fresh perspective on creative ideas and make our collaborations with brands even greater.

Jan Bryński is now a member of the Development team, where he will be improving our technology to bring the best results in our platform’s automation.



Building Our Community in 2021

We expected our streamer community to grow in strength day by day. But even in a thousand years, we wouldn’t be able to predict such rapid expansion!

Last year, almost 28,000 streamers joined inStreamly. We welcomed them into our community and empowered them to improve their content by signing over 82,000 micro sponsorships! Fun fact: over 10,000 streamers were invited to inStreamly by their friends already on the platform!

Campaigns Overview in 2021

The development of our streamer community would not be possible without brands that trusted us this year. We can proudly say that it paid off for all parties! How? Let’s look at the 2021 numbers!

  • In 2021, we ran 232 campaigns.
  • The biggest CTR this year was 12,30% for the Esports Management campaign
  • The campaign with the most significant number of views (over 1.8 million) and the largest number of streamers joining (1,181) goes to adidas!

We are grateful for the trust from brands and streamers who show that such partnerships are the future. Especially with stats to prove it and happy client feedback! This year, our Net Promoter Score was as high as +100!

This is the greatest testament to our motivation and hard work!

And the Most Successful Market Launch Goes To:

All of the good things that happened last year have led us to this moment. Signing up more streamers and running more campaigns with brands gave us the possibility to expand and conquer new markets.

Thanks to our team’s efforts, we provided micro sponsorship deals across 14 markets. Including France, Germany, Nordics and English speaking countries. One market that exceeded our expectations – Spain!

In just one quarter, we signed up over 500 streamers in Spain and ran five campaigns, with an average of over 100 active streamers per campaign!



2021 Development

As inStreamly’s sister company, Streamcoi has also hit many impressive achievements this year. We opened 179 new accounts for esports professionals worldwide, provided additional earnings for 24 streamers through inStreamly campaigns and last but not least – we signed huge partnerships with esports teams such as BiG Clan, ENTROPIQ, G2 esports, Giants, GamerLegion and MADLions!

Campaigns Overview in 2021

Thanks to our technology, our partners from esports teams managed to add 1,110 campaigns throughout the year, making the streamers management processes much more straightforward and effective!

Check out our end of year summary!



2021 Summary

This year, Genki launched and still managed to bring so much for the streamer community in that short time! We see enormous potential in this project and believe it can revolutionise streamers’ earning possibilities just as inStreamly and Streamcoi are doing it. So how did it go in 2021? Let’s look at some stats:

  • Average order amount: 33
  • Number of fans logged in to the extension: 2,200 
  • During the last two months, Genki Fans made purchases for €13,000


Streamers Global

2021 Summary

As evolved to Streamers Global, we managed to open two new services providing valuable information for streamers from Poland, Germany and France.

We can happily announce that in 2021 we reached some big numbers! Over 200,000 unique users visited our websites, making over 2,000,000 views! We are very proud of this achievement!

But that’s not all! We are also implementing a landing page to bring even more information for streamers from all around the world!

This year was massive for us. We learnt, conquered and achieved. We are happy that 2021 brought us so many good memories, and we can’t wait to see what 2022 will bring.


Stay tuned for next month’s update!

Iga Łukawska
Campaign Creative ManagerIga Łukawska

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