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inStreamly monthly update: May 2022

inStreamly monthly update: May 2022

Iga Łukawska
Campaign Creative ManagerIga Łukawska

The inStreamly update for May 2022 is here! From improvements, interesting new features, and campaigns to IRL events. Do you want to know what we’ve been up to?

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Company Updates

Bonding Time!

Remote work is fun and games; however, having time and space to see each other in real life and bond is crucial. That’s why, besides occasional meetups organised in different cities, it is our tradition to have twice yearly week-long trips for the entire team. This time we visited Kazimierz Dolny for a whole week! 

If you want to see how it went, check out our report from this year’s inStreamly retreat!

Summer Internship Program

After the success with our Winter Internship Program, we decided to continue this project and welcome interns in our ranks once again.

From July to August, interns will have an opportunity to see how the gaming and streaming industry operates. So if you are a passionate and dedicated, check it out!

Wiki in Forbes’ 30 under 30

Wiktoria Wójcik, one of our co-founders was chosen by Forbes as one of 30 under 30 in 2022! Just a year ago, she was also chosen as one of 25 under 25 and Businesswoman of the Year: Leader in New Technologies!

We are so happy to have Wiktoria with us and can’t wait to for what future achievements she will bring to herself and to our company! Congrats!

Wiktoria Wójcik in Forbes

Pet of the Month

Our pets are our companions, friends and sometimes even co-workers when their faces show up on the calls. So let’s all melt in the cuteness and take a little break to admire two chosen pets of the month!

Pet of the month



New Face, Same Soul

For the last few months has seen an inStreamly rebrand, polishing how we present ourselves to the outside world and we can finally share the results!

Maybe we have a new face, however our soul remains the same!

Connecting streamers and brands

We Are on Instagram and TikTok!

We are very excited to announce that inStreamly is on Instagram and TikTok! Don’t forget to check them out for all the cool things!

Over 2,000 Streamers in One Campaign?

That’s right! This month we broke the record of the highest number of streamers in one campaign! The title now belongs to the SteelSeries campaign that is running until the end of May for the French market. This is a big milestone for us and we’re super proud!

Even Bigger Community

Last month we had over 40,000 streamers in our community and almost 6,000 joining our Discord server.

Right now the number is even bigger with almost 47,000 streamers registered on the platform and 6,500 members on Discord!



New Streamer Configuration Tutorial

In order to give streamers and their managers the best solutions and make their lives easier, we launched a new version of our Streamcoi Streamer Configuration Tutorial. Check it out and see how easy it really is!

Copenhagen Flames With Us for Another 3 Years

We are proud to announce that our partnership with Copenhagen Flames has been extended for another three years! We hope that our tool will give them the best possible outcome and give the opportunity to focus on the things they are the most passionate about!

streamcoi X copenhagen flames partnership



New Promo Artwork

The new Genki artwork is here to assist content creators in promoting their Genki code and bring more fans to their communities!


Streamers Global

Streamers Global Plebiscite

The first ever Streamers Global Plebiscite took place this month! The main goal was to show appreciation to all streamers out there, who follow their dreams and do what they love.

The plebiscite was run in Poland, as well as Germany and France, bringing streamers and their fans together in order to vote for the best of the best! plebiscite 2022 plebiscite 2022 plebiscite 2022


Stay tuned for next month’s update, and check our LinkedIn and Twitter, where you will have everything up to date!

Iga Łukawska
Campaign Creative ManagerIga Łukawska

Writing is something that I really connect to. I love coming up with new ideas and creating stories. In private, I spend an embarrassing amount of time reading fanfics (yes, you read that right), feeding my brain with stories I can take inspiration from while cuddling my two cats.

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