inStreamly Quarterly Update: Q4 2023

inStreamly Quarterly Update: Q4 2023

What a ride 2023 has been! The final quarter of last year is over, so it’s time to take a look back. What have we achieved during this time? What important events did we take part in? What awards have our campaigns won? Make yourself comfortable and read the inStreamly Q4 recap.

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Over 1,500 streamers in a single campaign

Let’s start by looking at some interesting facts and statistics from the last three months of 2023. During this time, we ran nearly 50 campaigns, one of which attracted over 1,500 streamers!

  • inStreamly ran 49 campaigns.
  • We enabled streamers to sign 32,000 sponsorship deals with brands.
  • Fanta, AimControllers, Biedronka, Łowicz, Adeslas, Otomoto, Plenti.app, House, MSD, Diablo Chairs, STR8, EXMO.com entered the world of livestreaming for the first time with us.
  • T-Mobile’s autumn campaign had the highest number of streamers in Q4, with 1,548 streamers participating.
  • A campaign for a brand in the home appliances category achieved an impressive CTR of almost 6%.

Introducing Voice Recognition Mechanism

To make brand placements on streams attractive to both streamers and viewers, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate the sponsorship opportunities we offer. In the last quarter of 2023, we launched a voice recognition mechanism. This allows sponsor content to be displayed when a specific word is said on the stream, making brand placement contextually relevant to the stream.

The clip above presents a campaign for Monte in which we used the Voice Recognition Mechanism. The campaign was automatically triggered right after a streamer used words or phrases like “pause” or “be right back” that are directly connected to Monte’s identity in the gaming field. However, the artwork was also displayed after using gaming vocabulary, including “op” or “good game”.

10+ awards for our campaigns

The end of the year is the time for industry awards. And 2023 was not different. The campaigns inStreamly has co-created throughout the whole year won over 10 awards! Here’s the full list:

Durex – “How to do IT?” (click & read the case study here):

  • MIXX Awards – Best Use of Social Media – Silver 
  • Innovation 2023 – Innovation in media – Touchpoint Campaign – Bronze 🥉
  • Innovation 2023 – Innovation in media – Digital & Interactive Campaign – Bronze 🥉
  • Innovation 2023 – Innovation in media – ESG in communication – Bronze 🥉
  • Effie Poland – Young – Silver 🥈
  • Klub Twórców Reklamy KTR – Corporate Mission & Social Responsibility – Gold 🥇
  • Klub Twórców Reklamy KTR – Brave brands – Silver 🥈
  • Klub Twórców Reklamy KTR – Use of Social Platforms – Bronze 🥉

Doritos – “Express yourself with Doritos”:

  • MIXX Awards – Games & eSport – Honourable award 🏅

Nerf – “Nerf City in Fortnite” (click & read the case study here):

  • Golden Arrow – Digital Marketing – Internet campaign – Gold 🥇

Summer Survival:

  • Innovation 2023 – Innovation in communication – Campaign/Social Action – Gold 🥇

inStreamly x 014 ON – Spanish partner marketplace launch

inStreamly partnered up with 014 ON and introduced the company as the marketplace operator in Spain. Both brands continue the mission of connecting brands and streamers. This partnership enables the further development of the Spanish streamer marketplace, which is now known as 014 Live!

Wiktoria honoured by Forbes

Wiktoria Wójcik’s achievements have been recognised by Forbes. Our co-founder was named one of the top 10 most inspiring young entrepreneurs in Poland, which makes us super proud!

Visiting conferences and events

As in previous months, our representatives continued to attend conferences and events around the world.

One of the highlights of Q4 is Wiktoria Wójcik’s presence at one of the largest technology conferences in Europe, Web Summit. During the event, Wiktoria shared her knowledge and experience about the creators of Metaverse in a keynote speech and discussed meaningful content during a panel.

While Wiktoria enjoyed Web Summit in Lisbon, Jakub Janaszek travelled to the other side of the world. Jakub represented inStreamly at the Singapore FinTech Festival. Our startup was selected as one of the delegates of Future Finance Poland: ASEAN Horizons supported by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, PKO Bank Polski and FinTech Poland.

However, Wiktoria and Jakub have also visited Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Our representatives took part in the Ignite The Game conference. It was a great opportunity to get to know this fast growing country better and to spread the word about inStreamly, Streamcoi and streaming in general.

And what if your kid wants to become a youtuber? Is it something bad and should you be worried? During TEDx T-Mobile in Warsaw Wiktoria explained, why it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

inStreamly’s co-founder has also participated in a panel about the technological revolution, that’s happening right now. Together with Michał Bielecki (GroupM Poland), Kacper Sawicki (Papaya Films), and Jacek Olechowski (MEDIACAP, IAA Polska), Wiktoria discussed the topic at I Love Marketing conference in Warsaw.

Creating inStreamly Community Council

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our community. That’s why we’ve created the inStreamly Community Council program.

The Community Council will be a group of dedicated members sharing their feedback directly with us, having first-hand access to the newest features, and getting the opportunity to test them before they go live. While access to this group is currently limited, keep an eye on our server as we work on the next recruitment process.

Maciej Sawicki takes us behind the scenes of inStreamly

What does it take to build a startup like inStreamly? Who better to answer this question than one of its co-founders? In Michał Sadowski’s podcast, Maciej Sawicki talks about the challenges of running the company, international expansion, company culture and support from investors.

Surprise right before the winter holidays

We closed out the year with a real blast. Right before the winter holidays, we visited and gave gifts to some of the brands and companies we work with. However, not only did we drop the standard gifts, but also the typical form of giving them.

During the visits, Wiktoria Wójcik and Jan Czerniecki were accompanied by Purin, a Polish cosplayer. Representatives of the companies we visited received vouchers for a personal training session in a chosen game.

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