Episode 44
New chapter. Antonina is here 👋

Hello friend, I wanted to officially say hi! 😀


My name is Antonina and I will be taking over Jan’s newsletter. So from now on you will have to trust me to provide you with reliable info 😉

I know that first I have to build your trust. That’s why I decided to share with you my a few of my passions! First of all, I’m a 24yo gamer. Games have been my biggest passion since I can remember. My most vivid memory is when I was around 6yo and my older brother started to let me play on his computer. I chose the original Knights of the Old Republic (as I already loved SW), but… everything was in English! 😱 So what now? I was so pumped that I took a polish-english dictionary and started translating the game word by word. Pretty cool for a little kid, huh?

So, right now my dreams have come true and my life spins around my biggest passion. If you want to know something more about me, I also do cosplay, have two dachshunds which I love with all my heart, and my all time favorite game is Mass Effect 🌌


I hope we will have a great time together!

Antonina Marć


Week Review

Oh Twitch, What Have You Done (Recently)?

👾Twitch is reportedly offering big streamers a lot less money than before

Twitch has lost two big streamers in the last month — TimTheTatman and Dr Lupo — and part of the reason might be because the platform’s not offering as lucrative of deals as it once did.

💜New Twitch extension Voicemod Bits lets viewers change streamer’s voice with donations

Streamer’s using voice changers is nothing new of course, but Voicemod’s Twitch extension will provide easy access for more content creators to have some fun with their voice, as well as make some money from it.

🌈Twitch Is suing two users for alleged harassment against people of color and LGBTQ people

Twitch has sued two users who allegedly bombarded people of color and LGBTQ people with racist, sexist, anti-gay content while streaming and created alternative accounts to avoid being banned.


What’s New With Oldies?

🌑 First Sneak Peak on KotOR remake

Today, KOTOR stands as one of the most critically acclaimed games ever, with the PC version amassing a current score of 93 on Metacritic. Fans have long requested a remake to bring the title up to modern standards. As it turns out, Lucasfilm has been listening.

💊 Matrix 4: resurrection trailer finally landed online

Ok, so maybe it is not exactly a gaming topic, but come on, who didn’t scream like a child when the new Matrix was announced? And now, the trailer was finally posted online so we can all enjoy the view of Keanu Reeves returning to his Neo times.


And What About Players?

⚽Jesse Lingard takes control of a Rainbow Six Siege esports team

The Manchester United and England footballer has bought a Rainbow Six Siege team – to get involved in competitive gaming and has rebranded it JLINGZ esports.

🤐Study Finds Which Video Games Cause the Most @#$%in’ Swears

A new study by Buzz Bingo explores toxicity in online multiplayer game communities and determines which games and consoles promote the most cursing.


Last But Not Least

🍎Epic Games to appeal ruling in Apple case

“Fortnite” game maker on Sunday said in a legal filing that it plans to appeal a ruling in its antitrust case against Apple Inc, after a federal judge on Friday handed down a mixed decision.

🔇Discord music bot Rythm is ending service after a notice from Google

Google has shut down yet another popular project that exists outside of its control. After existing for five years without issue, it grew to be the most popular music bot on Discord and apparently too big to exist in Google’s eyes.


Gamers Say They’re Making More Money on inSTREAMLY Than on Twitch and YouTube

How do Twitch streamers make money? Game streaming is already an impressive industry, and it will only keep growing (numbers don’t lie – this industry is predicted to grow to 3.5 billion dollars by 2025, rising from 2.1 billion in 2021). However, times are changing, and streaming platforms themselves (especially ad revenue) may not be the best and biggest source of income for content creators anymore. inSTREAMLY, which streamlines brand partnerships, is the way to go in terms of making money on Twitch and Facebook Gaming, among others. Read on to find out why!

Did You Know?

In 2011, an online puzzle game player decoded the crystal structure of AIDS, which had been unsolved for 15 years. While the puzzle was available on the Foldit game for three weeks, the player generated an accurate 3d model of the enzyme in just ten days.

Gaming and live streaming keep growing, and creative brands are taking over. Don’t waste any extra minute and get your brand on live streaming now!



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