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The Key to the Future of Live Streaming

The Key to the Future of Live Streaming

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This week we have seen yet another YouTube move designed to chip away at Twitch’s dominant position on the streaming scene. Ludwig, one of the most popular streamers, left the platform to stream for the competition. Today we take a look into what it means for Twitch and why it is important for the streaming scene.

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YouTube Gaming, a serious challenger to the title of the main streaming platform, gained another super-star. Ludwig Ahgren, one of the biggest Twitch streamers, announced on Monday that he will be streaming exclusively for YouTube Gaming.

In an announcement video published on Twitter, Ludwig blows up a purple car (symbolising Twitch) to jump in a red one (representing YouTube Gaming). As he drives away, Ludwig comments on how he can now freely play music. This is a swing at the copyright issues Twitch has been struggling with for the last few months.

Ludwig is another streaming super-star switching platform to YouTube Gaming. Such names as DrLupo, TimTheTatman made a similar move earlier this year.

The YouTube and Twitch ‘fight’ is a symptom of a much wider shift in the modern creator‘s economy. Platforms are slowly but steadily losing the position from which they may impose rules of the game onto individual streamers. Today the individual creators are the ones powering the platform growth. While Twitch still owns over 70% of the streaming market, the competitors are closing the gap quite fast. Recognising the power of individual streamers is the key to dominating the future of life streaming.


 Week review

Ludwig leaving Twitch

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Pokimane and American Video Game League launch $100,000 scholarship

One of the top streamers continues the annual tradition of establishing scholarships for students involved in esports and gaming.

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Gaming and culture 

Video game movies: Are they really that bad?

Following the popularity of Arcane, a Netflix series based on the popular League of Legends game, BBC’s Press X to Continue podcasts looks at the movies based on games and their notoriously bad reputation.

Chvrches say it’s “inevitable” that they’ll score a video game

A Scottish band, already included in games like Death Stranding, Mirror’s Edge or Grand Theft Auto V is ready to take a step into scoring their own game.



Christmas 2021: Nintendo unable to produce enough Switches to meet demand, the company warns

Not everyone looking to find the new portable console from Nintendo under the Christmas tree will be happy this year.

Video game consoles and smartphones will be harder to find this holiday season

The chip shortage may force consumers to re-think timing and the expectations about the gadgets they intend to buy. For companies, it may mean a significant revenue hit in one of the most important hopping seasons.

New Sony patent for mobile controller discovered

The rise of mobile gaming popularity could not have been missed by Sony. A new mobile controller patent re-affirms the company’s push to enter the mobile market.


250 applications for the internship program? How inStreamly contributes to the development of the gaming and live-streaming industry

For several years we have seen how the job market is more focused on technology. As a result, opportunities arise, new jobs are advertised daily, and future employees are aware of exactly what they want in life. Often, it’s a job in the gaming and live-streaming industry. And it got us thinking – why not conduct an internship program?

As inStreamly, we are part of the always-growing gaming and live-streaming industry. We noticed that there is still a shortage of development opportunities for young people who want to develop professionally in this direction. That is why we decided to create a special program for interns that will allow them to spread their wings and start their adventure in this intriguing industry with us. Want to know how have we been able to get so many candidates? Read on!

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