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Valentine’s Day and the Power of Positive Affirmations

Valentine’s Day and the Power of Positive Affirmations

The unique times we live in make remote work one of the most important things for employees, as are relationships with people. The seemingly little things like coffee breaks, lunches, or sitting next to an actual person make work more enjoyable and help to create bonds with our teammates. Fortunately, there are many ways to bond with your remote teammates and Valentine’s Day is a great occasion.

It might sound strange, as Valentine’s Day brings to mind chocolate boxes and heart-shaped balloons, but stay with it.

Sharing Is Caring

Giving and receiving feedback motivates us to keep going, do better and improve ourselves. We always share our knowledge about the specific tasks we do every day. which sustains positive communication between each other.

Having this type of culture in the company inspires us to be more involved and create bonds with people even though we are working remotely. Often without the ability to see each other as much as possible.

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Remote Valentine’s Day

We wanted to change the perception of Valentine’s Day as simply romantic. Instead, it can be a day to celebrate platonic feelings of affinity and kind words for others for all they do. Like being caring, supportive, having a sense of humour, or whatever other traits you appreciate in them.

The main idea of the inStalentine (we like our company name puns, so sue us) initiative is to give people an opportunity to anonymously share what they might never say to another person face to face for whatever reasons. The execution was simple. We sent a Google Form link with space to write a message to the person we wanted to shower with compliments and praise.

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The Power of Kind Words

This is by far one of our favourite traditions. And seeing as it’s the second year we did it, the participation was even higher. We got over 50 messages to send to employees through our Valentine Mail.

And this is why inStalentine came to life. To show appreciation for our teammates and make them feel seen whether we’re sitting in an office on the comfort of our homes. And hey, even if one person smiled reading their message when they got it, it’s worth it.

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