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inStreamly Monthly Update: November 2021

inStreamly Monthly Update: November 2021

Iga Łukawska
Campaign Creative ManagerIga Łukawska

We have so many things we want to share with you. Campaigns we are thrilled about, new features from our subbrands, activations and programs that make our environment a little bit better. November 2021 is the first monthly update and we promise that the next ones will be just as exciting! inStreamly monthly update: November 2021 is here today!

So sit back, get some coffee and immerse yourself in our world, full of technology and love for gaming! 

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Company updates November 2021

Internship Program

For this project we focused on looking for high potential young talent that dreams about a career in the gaming/streaming industry, people that would become great specialists in the future. From 250 entries we have chosen 7 interns, who for 2 months will have an opportunity to see for themselves how the streaming industry looks up close.

We want our interns to fully explore their potential, that’s why we prepared an individual internship plan for each of the interns. We adapted duties to their skills and interests, and let them change teams and work with different people. Also, in order to challenge their skills, they will work together on an end to end project.  


Mental Health Program

We believe that the mental health of our employees is very important. Last two years weren’t easy for some and working fully remotely can sometimes make you feel alienated. Employees now have access to professional psychologists via HearMe where they can take care of their minds and souls. The program is 100% anonymous, so our employees can feel safe when talking to experts and heal in comfort.


Strava Challenge

As a 100% remote business, we don’t spend too much time together. That’s why we always try to find new ways to keep up with ourselves, creating activities and challenges. October was the month when we wanted to spend time together being active! Everyone shared their activity and for the three people who did best, a special prize awaited!



Nominations for awards

One of our prides – an innovative campaign for Danone’s Danio Small Hunger, that we have run with VMLY&R, has been nominated for three prestigious marketing awards.

For Innovation 2021 we got 3 nominations in:

  • Innovation in Media (Advertising formats)
  • Innovation in Communication (Tech)
  • Innovation in Communication (Content / Entertainment)

For the MIXX Awards, Danio Small Hunger campaign has been nominated in:

  • Data Driven & Precision Marketing
  • Digital Experience
  • Games & Esport
  • Innovation & Smart Solution

Additionally, the campaign got 6 nominations for Klub Twórców Reklamy KTR awards in the Communication and Technology categories. And as inStreamly, we have been nominated for Innovation in Business category (Business and Sales Model).

Danio Update: November 2021


!Hola Spain!

Opening a new market is always very exciting for us, so we’re happy to announce that we finally come to Spain! We ran a campaign for Halloween MEN – a perfume brand that wanted to reach gamers with its futuristic scents and visuals.

Spain Market


New Campaign Mechanism

We are very happy to introduce one of the more complicated mechanisms we have created by now – the Survey Mechanism. It allows users to interact with the artwork by typing responses in the stream’s live chat. The animation works like a survey featuring closed questions for the viewers to answer. And based on most of the selected answers, a new artwork appears on the stream screen.

By now we have run two campaigns using this mechanism – one for Dr. Oetker’s pizza brand Guseppe, and another for a movie Free Guy!


Donate to Shelter Animals Part 2

People who follow our updates, know exactly that at inStreamly we all are animal lovers. And as we always want to help our four-legged friends, we are very happy that the second edition of our last year’s “Daj bezdomniakowi donejta” (eng. donate to shelter animals) campaign has seen the day of light! 


Infoshare 2021

Check Wiktoria Wójcik’s speech at this year’s Infoshare event, talking about what makes Gen Z different and how to reach them. During this talk, Wiktoria debunked some common misconceptions, dived deep into Gen Z culture, and explored how marketing thinking should adapt to the new reality.


inStreamly Showreel

Check out our newest showreel video and connect with Gen Z audience on another level with us!



Lookbook – New Way to Help Streamcoi Partners Find Sponsors

Convincing partners to sponsor esports and gaming isn’t always an easy task. That’s why we created a simple lookbook to help Streamcoi partners find new sponsors or to make it more attractive for existing ones.


How Streamcoi Makes the Difference

If you are an esports team manager or you run a streamers related business, this presentation is for you. Check it out and see how Streamcoi makes the difference in helping you become the streaming powerhouse!



Website Redesign

Wanting to increase Genki’s reliability among users we decided to make some changes on our website. We introduced new features like a potential income calculator, so creators can estimate how much they can earn before joining Genki. We wanted fans and creators to understand us better, so based on user feedback we also implemented a better explanation that shows exactly how Genki works.

Check out our new website here!


Registration via Facebook/Google

As one of the best features implemented in last months, it definitely is registration via Facebook and Google. Thanks to this fans have a much easier access to Genki and it SHOWS! This change alone improved conversion from registered to logged-in users by about 30% and only in October the number of transactions increased by 36%!

Genki Update: November 2021


Genki Twitch Channel

Our origins are and always will be streaming. And this is the reason why we have chosen to open the Twitch channel where we will run all important meetings with creators, organise Q&A sessions and more!

Follow us here for more info!


Streamers Global

Rising Stars Feature

A newest feature was also added to the Streamers Global services – and The rising stars ranking is based on the combined data of the average number of viewers and hours streamed. Contains channels with an average of over 20 viewers, more than 10 hours of streaming, and at least 10% increase in viewers in the last 3 months!

Streamers Global


This is it for now, but don’t worry, inStreamly monthly update: November 2021 is just the first of many. At inStreamly we are constantly working on new improvements and features to help streamers and the whole influencer community grow. We will be back with more updates next month!

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Iga Łukawska
Campaign Creative ManagerIga Łukawska

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