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inStreamly Monthly Update: November 2022

inStreamly Monthly Update: November 2022

Antonina Marć
Content ManagerAntonina Marć

The inStreamly update for November 2022 is here! From improvements and interesting new features to campaigns and IRL events, check out what we’ve been up to this month!

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Company Updates
Pets of the Month

Company Updates

Open positions

We are on the lookout for the following:

Metaverse at Reflect Festival in Cyprus

Reflect is Cyprus’s biggest tech & entrepreneurial festival, where the region’s players network, brainstorm, and learn from their peers. As a result, the festival earned a reputation as an inventive, fun melting pot of entrepreneurs, investors, and thinkers.

This year inStreamly co-founder, Wiktoria Wójcik, was chosen as one of the keynote speakers. She spoke about the Metaverse, its future, and the benefits it can bring to brands.

Wiktoria talking about metaverse

Break New Grounds Conference

This month was full of conferences! Break New Ground brought together hundreds of outstanding innovators and various exciting VR/AR solutions shaping the future of entertainment, education, science and more. They all exchanged unique insights, know-how, and their takes on where the Metaverse will go from here.

Wiktoria was also one of the special guests. She had a panel discussion with Microsoft, Unity, and Deutsche Telekom industry experts to discuss Web3 and whether it’ll rule the Metaverse.


Community Growth

We have over 80k streamers registered, and our streamer base is growing rapidly. Meanwhile, our Discord community is 9,000+ users! If you haven’t done so already, join our Discord ASAP!

New Discord Features

Reworked Roles: New users can easily pick their roles! All they have to do is choose their streaming language instead of their country of origin. 

Forums: We prepared a Forums section for all users! The FAQ will serve as a quick guide in which they can find answers to the most asked questions. Forums currently support five languages: English, Polish, French, German, and Spanish. 

Events: All Discord users can now stay up to date with all sponsorships running across the World thanks to the inStreamly Weekly Summaries!

Our teams are working hard to bring new exciting sponsorships across all markets and preparing and releasing improvements for the inStreamly users. However, there are more changes to come!

discord new features screenshot

inStreamly in Spain

Due to our growing popularity among Spanish streamers, we added a new language option to our Streamer Dashboard. It’s now available in Spanish!

screenshot of spanish instreamly streamer panel

Gioseppo – Hot Potatoes 

Winter is coming, and with it – lower temperatures 🥶 It’s high time to take out the warmest blankets from the closet, wrap yourself with them as tight as possible and become a hot potato. Sound nice? We think so too! And what’s the one thing you can not miss in your winter survivor pack? Hot Potato slippers!

This month all Spanish streamers could join the Gioseppo Hot Potatoes campaign. We created fun artwork showing the brand mascot – a Hot Potato – juggling variations of our slippers. 

Over 1k streamers joined the campaign. At last, streaming and warm slippers have similar goals – giving people feelings of warmth, happiness and relaxation during these colder days and nights ☃️
potato with shoes walking on the screen of livestream

Nerf entering the Metaverse

In November, we helped one of your favourite brands – Nerf – enter the Metaverse on the Polish market. We created a special invite for streamers to join special maps in Fortnite. All Nerf maps were connected to each other by a story. The story elements were located in individual Nerf worlds. 

The campaign spanned multiple gaming communication channels – Fortnite maps, streamers, Discord and two inStreamly campaigns. In addition, some of the biggest Polish streamers (Jacob4tv, Matek, Kazama5, Sniezkaa, Zaxsek, Mailinh) participated in the campaign!

In the end, the campaign was shown by almost 1,5k streamers across Poland!

campaign inviting streamers to nerf worlds in fortnite


G2 Partnership

G2 Esports is one of the leading esports organisations in the world, with pro players competing in the most important tournaments across multiple games. In addition to competitive gaming, a key focus for G2 is building and engaging its communities through high-quality live streaming content from its professional players and content creators worldwide.

Streamer management was challenging and time-consuming – until now.

That’s why G2 started working with Streamcoi, an automated streamer management platform. We are happy to have incredible partners as G2, and we hope for a long and fruitful collaboration!

Pets of the Month

Marta & Belina

inStreamly employee with click horse named belina

Baron & Banana
dog looking at banana

Antonina Marć
Content ManagerAntonina Marć

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